Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Baby/Nursing Rooms

As a new mom, discovering clean and spacious and practical baby rooms never fail to excite me. I remembered when my girlfriend brought me to Marina Square and showed off the baby rooms there, I was so impressed I remembered thinking to myself that wow I must make a point to only go to Marina Square if I need to do any shopping. Yes that was of course a suaku statement. Thankfully, I did discover more shopping centres with wonderful baby rooms and terrible ones too.

Some of the nice ones I've been to :

The nursing room at the basement next to the escalator. It was spacious and clean and even has a cubicle for toddlers/little kids! It's great cos u can bring in your stroller and will not cause the place to be congested. There's also private rooms for u to breastfeed.
It's also got a nice clean sink and equipped with a hot/cold water dispenser.

I come here occasionally with my girlfriend and we go to the baby room on level 3 (I think) that's inside Isetan. The baby room is spacious too with 2 private nursing rooms. And it's got about 3 areas for u to clean your baby. So u don't have to wait in queue to clean up your little one. And let's say you forgot to bring tour wet wipes, you can grab and buy one right outside the baby room.

I'm not sure if they have a baby room at every level. But try to avoid going to the one that's the same level as the kids' playground. Because whenever I'm there, there's usually a queue and if you're cleaning up ur child, you will be pretty pressured by the queue behind you especially because you can be seen clearly through their see-through doors.
And that's another thing that I don't get, the transparent doors. Because if you're a nursing mom, that's really inconvenient.

With that said, the nursing rooms on the lesser popular floors are easily accessed. There are clear signs to get there. And it's equipped with hot water for those who need to make milk for your babies.

City Square Mall

The baby room in City Square Mall is comfortably sized with 2 small cubicles for breastfeeding moms. It's always pretty clean and u can wash up your little baby there comfortably. Besides, if you forget any baby stuff u can always get them easily from Toys R Us or any of the baby shops there.


I have been to Tan Tock Seng and a couple of other hospitals for visiting. And whenever I asked any of the staff or nurses whether there are any nursing rooms, the answer is no.
Luckily there are some nurses who are kind enough to allow me to nurse in an empty room for a short period of time.

Having said all of the above, the point is, if the management of a shopping centre is keen in pulling bigger family crowds to your shopping centre, please do create sufficient baby rooms which are clean and practical for moms to clean our babies and decent coverage for us who are breastfeeding.

Interestingly, I have also discovered many times some people without babies misusing the baby rooms. I don't mind if there are people occasionally dropping to fill up their water bottles or mugs with hot water but I have seen an uncle using the kids' toilet in the baby's room at 313! And he was so nonchalant about it. Also there have been instances some people hogging the nursing area just for them to catch a nap. That's really inconsiderate if there's a mommy who needs to use it to nurse her baby.

P/S : This post will be updated as and when I discover more baby/nursing rooms.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Back From A Long Hiatus. Hopefully there won't be another.

The first thing I did when I decided to blog again was to check whether my blog is still valid. Just in case blogspot had shut it down because of prolonged inactivity. 
Next, I discovered I could successfully log into my blog! Major success y'all. Hurray.
So i saw that my last blog was dated last March 2014. Not baddddd.. I honestly thought I hadn't blogged far longer than that. Haha as if being on a hiatus for about 16 months wasn't bad enough. 
The last time I blogged, I was in front of the computer with swollen feet, bloated face, tired arms and a baby in my tummy. And now here I am with a super active 13 month old baby boy! So much has happened and changed. No more spontaneous coffee/dessert dates with my girlfriends, everything has to be planned. So that I can grab the baby carrier, bring extra diapers, pack his snacks/food while I'm on a date with my good friends. 
No more fun lounging on the sofa just-cos-i-feel-like-it moments, because I have to make sure he's not crawling into danger zones. Or putting microscopic things in his mouth. And everytime he sleeps, that's my cue to quickly get my rest because once he wakes up I better make sure that I can keep up to his military speed. As I'm typing this, I just realised there's so much I need to update you what has happened to my life in the past year. It has indeed been exhilarating - my baby boy whom I'm obsessed with, hosting a signature sunday breakfast show on TV, my radio show Girlfriends got to be on TV, me losing weight during confinement then putting it all back on (and even more) when I got back to work, releasing my first batch of my own line of clothes, my hair loss during post-partum, me discovering the best and the worst baby rooms in shopping centres, oh so so many things to share! I've got so much to share that I don't know where to start! Hmmm. Well ok, I think my next post shall be on how to maintain your sanity when you need to pack before heading out with a newborn. Haha. Because I remembered how packing to go out became an event in itself. I shall save that for the next post. Well, it's late now and I better get to sleep while my son is in deep sleep. Talk to u later. Hopefully not in a year's time.

Lots of love, kisses and baby wipes,
Fiza O

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dessert Bar by Sprinkles Singapore

Time passes so fast! It's already more than 3 weeks since my brother got married!

It feels like yesterday that I was the panicky big sister who wanted to make sure everything was alright for him. And again I feel so blessed to be working with the most wonderful people for his wedding.

For his gift trays (dulang hantaran), we got Ola Lola to help us with the pink and cream concept.
Meanwhile for decor and food, we left it to Muslim Delights. 

As for our dessert bar, it was my first time working with Sprinkles Singapore. And the big boss Rashidah is so incredibly efficient, talented and kind. We spoke over the phone over the concept that we wanted which was black and white. And she frankly told me that it was going to be her first dessert bar for a wedding as she usually do dessert corner for smaller occasions or birthday parties. And she also specializes in cakes. If you are thinking of getting a creative colourful birthday cake for your little one, you should contact Sprinkles Singapore : 85022192 /
They are also on instagram : #sprinklessingapore

Anyway Sprinkles Singapore is so quick to come up with a concise menu for the dessert bar and showed me some of her sample ideas. For a short notice, I was so impressed with the menu and how she totally understood what I wanted. She sent me a number of pictures of what some of the desserts that she visualised. I will share with you what was her complete fabulous menu after the pictures. Sprinkles Singapore had customised every single dessert on the table to be black and white.
How impressive!

And now presenting to you the beautiful dessert bar by Sprinkles Singapore :

The wedding guests were full of compliments for the classy beautiful dessert bar . By the end of the wedding, the dessert table was botak. And unfortunately I was too tired to snap a picture of the dessert table which was mostly empty because kids and adults were busily snapping up their cupcakes, rolls, cookies, donuts, etc. And just look at these huge and creamy black and white swiss rolls. 

Sooooo sedap I tell you. Ok now a closer look at the other pretty desserts on the dessert bar and try guessing what is what :)

So have u guessed correctly? Let's see.
This is the special dessert menu provided by Sprinkles Singapore : 

Rose Lychee Cupcake

Lemonade Swissroll
Sweet Meringue Kisses

Banana Sesame Donuts 
Apple Cinnamon Cookies 
Russian Roullete Mango 
Mocha Cheesy Swirls Bun 
Honeydew Swirl Jelly 

Strawberry Lovey Dovey Lollipop
Kiwi White Chocolate Oreos
Tangy Orange Pralines 
Blueberry Cheese tarts 

If you were already drooling halfway reading the menu, you are not alone.
That makes it the both of us.

Aaaaaaaand, this was the special cake made for the Bride and Groom that was also on the dessert bar :

Aaaaaaahhh... so cantik right.
So again, if you are looking for a reliable dessert bar for your wedding or any ocassions of yours, you have to give Sprinkles Singapore a try. I'm gonna list for you where to find their FB, IG and contact below.

Good luck! :)


CONTACT : +65 85022192

Lots of love, hugs and candies,

Fiza O

Inglot Eyeshadows and Lip Cream Swatches and Review

Last I posted was last September. So it's a good 6 months I slacked. Nothing new for my blog. I have promised to post more often and although we all know I should work harder and put up more posts, I haven't been a good girl in keeping that promise.

Anyway getting to the point. I am FINALLY going to do a post on makeup again after a century.
So recently, my husband brought me out on a date and said, 'Sayang you want to buy makeup? Get whatever you need.' What kind of an offer is that? Of course I immediately entered Inglot before he decided to regain sanity. I quickly took a look at whatever I had not experimented with yet.

I especially love their matte lipsticks and eyeshadows. Because they are so pigmented and last for a long time. So after pondering over the matte lipstick section, I decided not to get another lipstick because I cannot remember what are the 2 lippies I got before. I am scared of buying the same colour. Because I have made that mistake before and it wasn't once.

So i went over to their lip cream section. Which came in little pots. Ok for those who haven't tried Inglot products before, almost all their products (including powder and blusher) do not come in complete packaging. So u have to purchase their magnetic casings which can house from 2 pots to about 10 I think. The circular pots are the older packaging. They're slightly cheaper but it contains lesser product than the new square pots. The magnetic containers have so many shapes. The one that I got for my lip palette looks like this.

I brought a palette that can keep 5 pots of colours. So that in the future I can add other colours to what I already had. Below is a closer look at the colours I got, They are all bright pinks actually. And as we girls know, no 2 bright pinks are the same. So I got 3. They are not matte but very pigmented. I took a picture of the swatches but they all went missing. Pfft. After the swatching, the colour remined for a pretty long time, reaffirming that it is indeed very pigmented and long lasting. Much to my delight.
There are pros and cons to getting Inglot's stuff. The products are good and pigmented but it is pretty troublesome to purchase their casings separately from their naked pots. But if you're traveling, u can always transfer only the colours u need to a smaller magnetic casing.

On top of that, there are no names to each of Inglot's products. Except for numbers. Unlike most brands. For example, u easily remember Nars' blushers by their names like Orgasm, etc. And you easily remember Mac's lipsticks by their names. But Inglot, nah. No names for you to remember the colours. That's why lah I always accidentally buy duplicates.

Moving along. I also love their pigmented eyeshadow. I bought a purple one last year. And as u can see a little goes a long way, my pot is still very full. (And also because I don't use eyeshadow often).
I also love that I don't have to use any eyeshadow base to make the colour pop and stay.

And this is the duo magnetic casing that I got last year. 
Since I have only one colour in it, it means I have space for another. Therefore I got another bronze eyeshadow.

That is how it comes when u purchase it. Naked like that without proper containers. So u need to purchase an extra magnetic palette. And this is how the bronze looks like after swatching. 
I chose it because i am a very lazy eyeshadow user. One colour swipe then go. And to me it's perfect. 

Ok that's all. So, Let me know what are your good makeup and skincare buys too!
Would love to hear them.

Here's hoping that I can blog more often.

Love, hugs and more pink lipsticks,

Fiza O

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sweet Treats! By Ideya Mode

Recently during Hari Raya, we decided to do a little housewarming for relatives and colleagues.

And I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Aida from Ideya Mode!

It was really a very last minute decision to have a sweet treat/ desserts corner and so I was really impressed at how efficient and promt the team was!

It was not just about mini cupcakes, marshmallows, mars, m&ms and brownies! They came complete with cute decor and even brought along their vintage lamp! ;)

Look at how happy we are!

All thanks to Aida and Nadia from Ideya Mode! They were so sweet and dedicated throughout the entire day. Topping up and making sure the kids (and adults) are happy .

U have to check out more pics from their facebook and instagram. Check out these links!


Also u can email them at : or call them 93200182

And I promise you they are such sweet people to work with!

lots of love, sweets and m&ms,
Fiza O

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Never thought I'll really be getting my own walk-in wardrobe!

When I got married late last year, I was fortunate enough to get my own place within a very short time. With all the craziness of my wedding preparation, I was also very much stressed planning for my new home. And amidst all the stress, I remembered that I needed a walk-in wardrobe because I have too much stuff. So can u imagine my delight when my darling friend Hui Xian told me that Besglas will be helping me do up my walk-in wardrobe!

So I went to their fabulous website and facebook and got so so excited to see their designs. Their design is chic, simple, cutting-edge and very durable and corrosion proof. So it's not only style that we are talking about but long-standing durability.

One of the photos that I stalked from the website. Isn't it SO gorgeous! 

Anyway, I met Wendy from Besglas who is so patient and understood what a crazy-clothes-obsessed-girl like me needed. And it all happened very fast. After discussion, their experts came over my place to do measurements and within 2 half days, my walk-in wardrobe is ready! How efficient is that??

So yes if you ask me, Besglas is your best bet if you needed to do a great makeover for your room. Very chic, modern and faaaaaaaast. No hassles, no heartache.

Without further ado, may I present to you my walk-in wardrobe by Besglas!

My first look at my walk-in wardobe.

Which I quickly filled with my dresses, shoes, bags, hats, and shoes, and clothes and more clothes.

A close-up of my walk-in wardrobe.

If you had clicked on the links I gave in my posting above, you would have most likely have had the chance to visit their facebook and official website. But in any case you didnt, you totally have to visit their facebook : and website :

Set up an appointment with them and do wonders to your room :)

Good luck darlings!

Lots of love, clothes and bags,

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Muslim Delights - A Halal must try eatery

I rarely do food reviews. But when I do, it's probably because of 2 things. Either it's excellent and such a good value for money or something I'd prefer you not to try. In this case, it's delicious and fabulous! I love their wide variety Malay dishes as well as their freshly fried mee goreng!

If you haven't heard of it, it's a quaint Halal Malay restaurant/eatery over at 117 Upper Paya Lebar Road, S534834. It's opposite Tai Seng and  a whole lot of other warehouses.

Their food is good and they have a pretty good variety. Their malay dishes include lemak cili padi, beef rendang, sambal telur, sambal goreng, andddddd so much more. I have attached photos below for you to take a look. Also, they have Mee Soto, Mee Rebus, Lontong and also Nasi Briyani on certain days. So you are really spoiled for choice. Muslim Delights closes at 8pm so you can still go there for dinner after you're done with work.

Ok. So now the pictures.

When you see this red signboard, means you have successfully found the place!

A very nice comfortable, lepak place for you to dine with your family and friends.

See, I told you their spread of lauk Melayu is tremendous.

A close-up of their fabulous begedil, sambal goreng and crispy ikan goreng.

For asam pedas lovers, their asam pedas is really gooood! Their fish is fresh and they are so generous with their spices.


Their well-seasoned paru goreng, kangkong belacan and crispy fried chicken!

And they even have sambal goreng pengantin which is so rare! You can usually find them during Malay weddings or open houses during Hari Raya or when your mom cooks it.

I think almost everytime I visit Muslim Delights, I will get my teh tarik fix.

Their teh tarik is creamy, frothy and oh-so-good.

Aaaaahhhh.... THE nasi briyani.

The queue that started early in the morning.

So i thought sharing with you about this place will just add to your list of the must-try food in Singapore and especially for those like me who's on the hunt for good halal food, this is the place :) Muslim Delights Just click here and you'll be directed to their facebook which has all their details : location, phone number, bookings, etc.

Let me know if you have been there! 
Bon Appetit!

P/S: Muslim Delights is a popular wedding caterer and service provider in Singapore too! So this probably will you give you a good heads up if you are looking for a reliable wedding vendor that provides REALLY delicious wedding food. If you want to call them for an enquiry or a booking, all the details are here : MUSLIM DELIGHTS WEDDING AND CATERING SERVICES

Lots of love and sambal goreng,