Friday, December 23, 2011

All About Azlin Ali

I miss Kak Lin so much. 
She's a big sister I've never had.
She's away on maternity leave now. Tending to her 2 babies.
As I'm typing this at 3.37am in the morning, I just finished whatsapping her and updating her on my life drama. I feel that I can tell her about anything and everything. She's one of those people that I can trust my heart with. And I'm a cynic I tell u.

Azlin Ali, Me & Na-nain (kak lin's first son)

When I first entered radio, she was the first Dj that was on air that I met.  So beautiful. Yet so fierce. 

The no-nonsense female. Alamak, I thought. Habislah. How am I gonna have friends here. Little did I know, she'll be one of the most real person I will ever meet in the industry. She's so sincere and so beautiful outside and inside. I tell people all the time, how she had watched over me from the time I stepped in radio till today. She scolds me like  how a big sister wants the best for her little sister. I remembered how she scolded me till I cried when she tried to snap me out of my daze while I was on air. (Btw, sidetrack : dazing is part of my life.) I'm dazed like All the time. It's not a choice of mine. It's part of my DNA perhaps.
But I've never resented her, not even once. In fact, i love her for telling me as it is. Some people love to sugarcoat their words and don't mean a thing they say. In other words, some people are hypocrites. They may address u as adik, dear, kak, sayang, sis, darling girl, whatever it is, Tapi belakang u kutok habis-habis. That's the scary people that I hope I can sniff out and avoid.
Anyway, this Azlin I tell u, is one of the most sincere ever lah. Tak pernah nak dengki ke, apa ke, envious ke. She's always so happy for me like how I'm always so happy for her. 

I love her so much I remembered how I was bawling at her dais during her wedding. She, the bride, barely shed a tear or two. And there I was the non-bride, crying my eyes out. So sad and so happy my sister was finally getting married.
Oh ya aaaand she's the reason, I got better in my makeup. When I first entered radio, i had NO makeup on! This is a case of Ripley's Believe It Or Not. I don't own any makeup! 
I went to my radio interview sans any makeup. Now, on a sidenote, I must be really lucky that I got the job at all. 
So imagine, eyeliner tak pandai, mascara tak tahu, bedak tak tahu. How like daaaat. So everytime I had an event, I'll literally leech on to Kak Lin so that she'll help me do my makeup. Manalah ada orang yang kuasa nak layan. But she did. She will be busy with work and on herself, yet she'll still do my makeup nicely. I'll always be thankful for that. So now that I've improved by leaps and bounds doing my own makeup (Pl note that I'm comparing myself against myself. Just in case, haters are on a prowl and reading this page), Kak Lin is so proud of me. She loves watching me put on my makeup. The way she watches me is like a mother watching her daughter doing standing broad jump at the Olympics. Full of love and pride. I can almost swear that she actually glowed. Next time she stares at me like that, I'll try to have it on tape.
And like most of my bff, we may not meet or talk for a looooong time. But we will pick up right from where we left. Me writing this post reminds me of how much I miss her.
BTW, This post dedicated to her should have been done eons ago. But better be late then never right. Thank u Kak Lin. You know I love you.

Lots of love, lippies and mascara,