Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Never thought I'll really be getting my own walk-in wardrobe!

When I got married late last year, I was fortunate enough to get my own place within a very short time. With all the craziness of my wedding preparation, I was also very much stressed planning for my new home. And amidst all the stress, I remembered that I needed a walk-in wardrobe because I have too much stuff. So can u imagine my delight when my darling friend Hui Xian told me that Besglas will be helping me do up my walk-in wardrobe!

So I went to their fabulous website and facebook and got so so excited to see their designs. Their design is chic, simple, cutting-edge and very durable and corrosion proof. So it's not only style that we are talking about but long-standing durability.

One of the photos that I stalked from the website. Isn't it SO gorgeous! 

Anyway, I met Wendy from Besglas who is so patient and understood what a crazy-clothes-obsessed-girl like me needed. And it all happened very fast. After discussion, their experts came over my place to do measurements and within 2 half days, my walk-in wardrobe is ready! How efficient is that??

So yes if you ask me, Besglas is your best bet if you needed to do a great makeover for your room. Very chic, modern and faaaaaaaast. No hassles, no heartache.

Without further ado, may I present to you my walk-in wardrobe by Besglas!

My first look at my walk-in wardobe.

Which I quickly filled with my dresses, shoes, bags, hats, and shoes, and clothes and more clothes.

A close-up of my walk-in wardrobe.

If you had clicked on the links I gave in my posting above, you would have most likely have had the chance to visit their facebook and official website. But in any case you didnt, you totally have to visit their facebook : and website :

Set up an appointment with them and do wonders to your room :)

Good luck darlings!

Lots of love, clothes and bags,

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Muslim Delights - A Halal must try eatery

I rarely do food reviews. But when I do, it's probably because of 2 things. Either it's excellent and such a good value for money or something I'd prefer you not to try. In this case, it's delicious and fabulous! I love their wide variety Malay dishes as well as their freshly fried mee goreng!

If you haven't heard of it, it's a quaint Halal Malay restaurant/eatery over at 117 Upper Paya Lebar Road, S534834. It's opposite Tai Seng and  a whole lot of other warehouses.

Their food is good and they have a pretty good variety. Their malay dishes include lemak cili padi, beef rendang, sambal telur, sambal goreng, andddddd so much more. I have attached photos below for you to take a look. Also, they have Mee Soto, Mee Rebus, Lontong and also Nasi Briyani on certain days. So you are really spoiled for choice. Muslim Delights closes at 8pm so you can still go there for dinner after you're done with work.

Ok. So now the pictures.

When you see this red signboard, means you have successfully found the place!

A very nice comfortable, lepak place for you to dine with your family and friends.

See, I told you their spread of lauk Melayu is tremendous.

A close-up of their fabulous begedil, sambal goreng and crispy ikan goreng.

For asam pedas lovers, their asam pedas is really gooood! Their fish is fresh and they are so generous with their spices.


Their well-seasoned paru goreng, kangkong belacan and crispy fried chicken!

And they even have sambal goreng pengantin which is so rare! You can usually find them during Malay weddings or open houses during Hari Raya or when your mom cooks it.

I think almost everytime I visit Muslim Delights, I will get my teh tarik fix.

Their teh tarik is creamy, frothy and oh-so-good.

Aaaaahhhh.... THE nasi briyani.

The queue that started early in the morning.

So i thought sharing with you about this place will just add to your list of the must-try food in Singapore and especially for those like me who's on the hunt for good halal food, this is the place :) Muslim Delights Just click here and you'll be directed to their facebook which has all their details : location, phone number, bookings, etc.

Let me know if you have been there! 
Bon Appetit!

P/S: Muslim Delights is a popular wedding caterer and service provider in Singapore too! So this probably will you give you a good heads up if you are looking for a reliable wedding vendor that provides REALLY delicious wedding food. If you want to call them for an enquiry or a booking, all the details are here : MUSLIM DELIGHTS WEDDING AND CATERING SERVICES

Lots of love and sambal goreng,