Friday, December 23, 2011

All About Azlin Ali

I miss Kak Lin so much. 
She's a big sister I've never had.
She's away on maternity leave now. Tending to her 2 babies.
As I'm typing this at 3.37am in the morning, I just finished whatsapping her and updating her on my life drama. I feel that I can tell her about anything and everything. She's one of those people that I can trust my heart with. And I'm a cynic I tell u.

Azlin Ali, Me & Na-nain (kak lin's first son)

When I first entered radio, she was the first Dj that was on air that I met.  So beautiful. Yet so fierce. 

The no-nonsense female. Alamak, I thought. Habislah. How am I gonna have friends here. Little did I know, she'll be one of the most real person I will ever meet in the industry. She's so sincere and so beautiful outside and inside. I tell people all the time, how she had watched over me from the time I stepped in radio till today. She scolds me like  how a big sister wants the best for her little sister. I remembered how she scolded me till I cried when she tried to snap me out of my daze while I was on air. (Btw, sidetrack : dazing is part of my life.) I'm dazed like All the time. It's not a choice of mine. It's part of my DNA perhaps.
But I've never resented her, not even once. In fact, i love her for telling me as it is. Some people love to sugarcoat their words and don't mean a thing they say. In other words, some people are hypocrites. They may address u as adik, dear, kak, sayang, sis, darling girl, whatever it is, Tapi belakang u kutok habis-habis. That's the scary people that I hope I can sniff out and avoid.
Anyway, this Azlin I tell u, is one of the most sincere ever lah. Tak pernah nak dengki ke, apa ke, envious ke. She's always so happy for me like how I'm always so happy for her. 

I love her so much I remembered how I was bawling at her dais during her wedding. She, the bride, barely shed a tear or two. And there I was the non-bride, crying my eyes out. So sad and so happy my sister was finally getting married.
Oh ya aaaand she's the reason, I got better in my makeup. When I first entered radio, i had NO makeup on! This is a case of Ripley's Believe It Or Not. I don't own any makeup! 
I went to my radio interview sans any makeup. Now, on a sidenote, I must be really lucky that I got the job at all. 
So imagine, eyeliner tak pandai, mascara tak tahu, bedak tak tahu. How like daaaat. So everytime I had an event, I'll literally leech on to Kak Lin so that she'll help me do my makeup. Manalah ada orang yang kuasa nak layan. But she did. She will be busy with work and on herself, yet she'll still do my makeup nicely. I'll always be thankful for that. So now that I've improved by leaps and bounds doing my own makeup (Pl note that I'm comparing myself against myself. Just in case, haters are on a prowl and reading this page), Kak Lin is so proud of me. She loves watching me put on my makeup. The way she watches me is like a mother watching her daughter doing standing broad jump at the Olympics. Full of love and pride. I can almost swear that she actually glowed. Next time she stares at me like that, I'll try to have it on tape.
And like most of my bff, we may not meet or talk for a looooong time. But we will pick up right from where we left. Me writing this post reminds me of how much I miss her.
BTW, This post dedicated to her should have been done eons ago. But better be late then never right. Thank u Kak Lin. You know I love you.

Lots of love, lippies and mascara,


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Food Review : The Chicken Rice Shop @ VivoCity

I hope this will be the first of my many other food reviews. Content shouldn't be hard for me to find because I love to eat and I will have a lot to say about food. But the difficult bit is finding the time to write and share about it.
Anyone who knows me will know I'm a HUGE eater. In fact, that's one of the first few things that you will discover about me, in my first conversation with anyone. (Aiyah, I feel guilty that I've not run for SO long. I shall post my running shoes and running tops that I bought just for gym-ing. But it's still sitting down prettily in my cupboard. Doing nothing.)

Ok back to food.

Recently, I went again to the rice shop at Vivo. The chicken rice sets there are not too bad.
If you get a set for 2, it'll set u back by $24.90 I think. That's not too bad.
SO in that set, u'll get your rice, diluted chicken soup, 2 sets of chicken of your choice (roasted, steamed, honey roasted, etc), fishball soup, pai tee (i think that's what it's called), and yada-yada. The meal is pretty decent. The pai tee is nice and the chicken is good too.
Nothing spectacular but ok if you're finding something local and halal to eat at VivoCity.

So, currently they are introducing a new type of laksa that's called, Authentic Sarawak Laksa.

The picture looks so good! The gravy looks reddish and full of flavor. It was so tempting and I had to have it. I ordered mine sans the prawns and just the chicken. So I was waiting for my rich, tasty laksa and can u imagine how disappointed I was when the real thing came?

This is EXACTLY how it looked when it was served to me.

Ok granted that I should not expect the food to look exactly like how it does in the flyer and the poster outside the shop. But still.
This is wayyy different and it's $9.50. I say, you and I are better off with Tong Seng's $3.50 laksa.
This was disappointing for me and I thought I should just share it.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MOL and me

In a previous post, I had shared how me and youngest sister love being sarcastic to each other.
I suppose it helps sharpen our wit. It helps us have the ability to laugh at ourselves and love each other more.
I think.
But anyway, this is a conversation that took place minutes ago.

I was asking my sister to help me take a photo off my passport and whatsapp me.

(btw, I call her Mol. as a short form of Kak Small. I'm Kak Big and she is Kak Small. Its a long story and that will take up another post)

Me : Mol, please help me to take a picture of my passport and whatsapp me.And make sure it's a good, clear one.

Mol : Ok.

Photo sent.

Me : Omg. Who's that girl? (referring to me) She's like wooowww.

Mol : Ya Ya.

Me : Eh not so clear lah. Send me again and use a better camera.

Mol : Ok ok I will try.

Me : Thanks babe.

Then I thought. Thanks babe? Eh eh. Who talks like that to their sister?

So I said : Eh babe pulak.
                 Sorry Mol. That happens when you have too many friends.

Mol : Ha Ha.

So my friends, that's why I love my sisters.
They are smart enought to know what's a joke.

lots of love and backache,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I was going home the other night. Cabbing as usual. And as my cab was making a turn and reaching my destination, I saw a girl desperately trying to get a cab. She looked really flustered. She was flailing her arms and was just looking all over - across the road, the junction behind her, everywhere. So I was glad that I was stopping near her so that when I got down, she can take my cab. 
So after I got down, I saw that my taxi driver didn't take her in. Maybe because he was changing shift or going to a different direction. I don't know what. BUT, I really felt bad for her. I know how it feels man. Being late and no cabs and when there's finally a cab, he won't take you! It feels like it's one whole big conspiracy trying to bring u down. Ok let's not go there. 

So I saw her running to the nearest void deck presumably to call a cab or get someone at home to send her to wherever she needs to go. 
Anyhow, as I was making my way to my place, I saw a cab with green lights turning in! Yeay for the girl I thought! I turned and the girl wasn't there still. And then 2 more available cabs drove past!

Can u imagine, she could have waited there for an eternity and there were absolutely no cabs and the moment she turned her back, 3 available cabs just drove past her. 

And this long story that I just shared with u my friends, just reminded me of something. 
Sometimes it's not skill or talent or exquisite beauty that gets you opportunities.
Sometimes it's just pure timing. 
Right place, right time.

Lots of love, but not much time,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yet. Again.

I just checked. The last time I blogged was 25th August and today is 19th Oct.
Almost 2 months since my last post. Omg i did it again.
Time past really really fast.
The next thing I know, I will be 70 and wondering how much longer will my CPF last.

Ok anyway, this post is to thank those that have subscribed to my blog.
I was so shocked to see 105 followers seeing that I update my blog 'oh-so-frequently'.
And thank u to those that don't have your own blog but do frequent my blog.
In the words of the famous Barbarella, 'Thanks everybody thaaaaanks'.
You guys are the most awesome hor.

Well, I have a confession. I thought no one really reads my blog. But within a week, I had 3 awesome people that came up to me and said they enjoyed reading my blog.
One was my intern, Tiara that came up to me and said, Kak Fiza I enjoyed reading your blog. U promised to do an update blog on shades and u haven't.'
I was like : Really dik? I said that? Oh gosh. I should keep track of what I posted. So yes. I will be doing it insyaAllah.
Another was a woman in her forties that came up to me at a majlis. She said, 'Girlfrieeeeend, I suka baca bolg you. Buat lah lagi cerita pasal cincin-cincin you'.

That made me so happy yet so guilty that I've not taken care of my blog for so long.

This post is thus to re-assert that yes this blog is still well and alive.

lots of love, mee soto and koi,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting hit by someone so wrong. You're barking up the wrong tree, dude.

Getting hit on by someone single is flattering.
But getting hit on by your friend's boyfriend is sick.
'Nuff said.
Below is an anonymous story that i received through email yesterday.
I had read it on air but there was a huge chunk that I actually censored.
And as promised, here it is on my blog.

What do you think of this?

'Hi Fiza,
          My brother in law flirts with me. My sister and myself met him at the same time. I was already engaged at that time. Recently he had come out directly and said to me that he fancies me since he met me. I was shocked. To make matter worse, he still fancies me till now. At times he is downright rude and made me feel uncomfortable. He would tell me that he have wet dreams of me. He wud suddenly chat me up on FB and ask me if I know what he's doing at that moment. (r*******g himself at my images). I feel so sick. Not knowing who to talk to. He's not respecting me at all. I tried to avoid him like a plaque..but I'm scared if anyone wud notice. He would call me up on my handphone just to hear my voice. Help!!!

It's makes me so sick reading this.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?
Or have u ever had a partner that shamelessly hits on someone so close to you?

no comments,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Love with the wrong person?

Everyday I receive dilemmas  of different kind. Just when I thought I had read and heard it all, there will be a particular sms, call or email that will bring me to another dimension.

This was what I had received in an email :

'Hi Fiza, saya ada problem dalam relationship saya. Boyfriend saya ialah saudara dekat saya sendiri. Kami suka antara satu sama lain sejak kecil lagi cuma baru-baru ini, kami membuat keputusan untuk bersama setelah membuat research yg kami boleh kahwin. Masalah kami sekarang ialah saudara-mara asyik menanyakan tentang kami seolah-olah mereka menghalang dan tidak setuju dengan perhubungan kami. Saya dan boyfriend saya kini berumur dua puluhan tahun, kami pasti kami berfikiran matang dalam hal sebegini. Fiza, kami berdua tidak tahu apa yg harus kami buat untuk mereka menerima kami sebagai pasangan. Tolong saya fiza.'

What are your thoughts?
Or have u been in one?


Friday, August 19, 2011

Her dad chose her helper over her mom. And she needs your opinion.

Hi friends, one of my main purposes of creating a blog was also to create a space to the nice people who is are willing to share their stories with me. The people who are so in need of a listening ear. Those who need opinions from nice people like you. But at the same time, still keeping their identity confidential.

If you would like to give your opinions, please post below.
And if u'd like to email to me, it's at

There's always a first.
It can be your first email ever to me. Whatever it is, I'll be waiting.

And here it is, the first post on a gf's dilemma.

"hmm btw i nak comment tentang topic yang kak fiza sedang ketengahkan.. i would like to share my personal secret tapi untuk kebaikkan semua dan pengajaran semua.. sudah terlambat untuk saya.. ohh please don't mention my name..

sekarang ini abah saya sedang ada hubungan dengan maid saya sendiri.. mereka sudah bersama sejak mama saya cerai dengan abah saya.. saya tidak tahu sama ada dialah punca perceraian itu kerana masa itu saya masih kecil.. saya dan 2 lagi adik beradik saya tentunya tidak setuju.. saya pernah di pukul ayah kerana membela adik saya (ayah dapat handphone baru, dia sudah berjanji mahu beri pada adik saya, tetapi apabila pembantu saya nampak handphone itu, dia mahu yang baru, kemudian ayah bagi pembantu saya, dan hp yang pembantu saya pakai yang sudah rosak diberi pada adik saya) siapa tak marah kan? dan saya sebagai kakak yang pertama berdepan dengan abah saya..

kak fiza.. tolong lah saya tak tahu apa yang dia mahukan dari abah saya.. abah saya gemuk,sudah mahu masuk 50 lebih tahun.. dan pembantu saya SUDAH BERSUAMI DAN ADA 1 ANAK..(belum bercerai)

saudara2 saya semua tidak suka kelluarga saya lagi.. mereka selalu tanya pada saya kenapa saya tidak berbuat sesuatu.. tapi saya tidak mahu bergaduh dengan abah saya sendiri.. apa sepatutnya saya buat??

saya mahu report pada agency pembantu saya tetapi nanti abah saya yang kena ..

saya takut kak fiza.. mereka tidur di satu bilik.. bersama adik kecil lelaki saya .. tetapi adik bukannya selalu ada di rumah... dia tidur di rumah mama saya... argggghhhhhh..."

So what'd u say?

lots of love, chocolate and hugs,

Friday, August 12, 2011

The 'Trying-To-Cheat-People-Money' Type

Another post in the early morning again! U guessed it!
I had coffee for sahur!!
And I suppose that explains the many apostrophes this morning.

Well, I'm doing another post on taxi drivers. I realise I have quite a bit to talk about them because I take taxis to work everyday. So possibly, I've met almost all kind of taxi drivers.
- The fatherly type.
- The super efficient type that tries to get u the best route in the best possible time (which are the ones I love)
- The interesting-stories/opinions type.
- The gangsta type.
- The 'look-at-people-one-kind' type.
- The 'i-m-refusing-to-answer-your-questions' type. (This category quite weird. When u are telling him to turn left or go straight ahead, he doesn't say anything. So u wonder whether he heard, whether u should repeat? Or maybe he was just channeling the Kanye West attitude? )
- The cheat-people-money type. (Wah. This one I kena before. Charged me ERP when I didn't even pass any gantry. When I asked for receipt because my taxi fare was unusually high, he just suddenly become apologetic and blamed the machine for being spoilt and keep on saying he also don't know why the machine reflects my ERP charge! Errr. Guilty much In fact, when I asked him for receipt initially, I didnt even suspect him of cheating me. Oh plus there was one that charged me $3 CBD charge when there wasn't supposed to be any. Luckily I knew the area well, so I said nicely, 'Sir, i think there's not supposed to be any CBD charge from here.' Again he turned guiltily apologetic. That left me wondering, what if some makcik or auntie didn't know that there wasn't suppose to be any CBD charge? Kesian kan?)

So this morning, I met the 'i-love-to-jam-break-all-the-time' taxi driver.
I might be wrong but he seemed to be jam breaking all the time. He'll keep on doing it before a green traffic light till the light turns amber. Then yes! Another achievement! Another stop at another red traffic light for him.
He doesn't know that I feel like vomiting at the back of his cab.
He, my friends, was at the risk of having a girl vomiting in her baju kurung.
I could have threw up every single grain of the briyani I had for sahur. But I just closed my eyes, thinking of how pretty was the Salvatore Ferragamo bag that I saw a few days back.
(No. Not going to buy it. But nice. Very nice)
That helped. Although for only 5 minutes.
The moment I reached radio gate, i felt like i had just finished jumping in the inflatable castle for half an hour.
The irony was, the moment I was just trying hold my nauseousness in while trying to pay my taxi fare, the automated voice said, 'Thank You. Have a Great Day'.
The phrase 'great day' doesn't even resonate at that point of time.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not even angry with the uncle, i'm just puzzled by his jam breaking skills.

Have u met this type before?
Or what kind have u met?

the mabuk-at-the-moment girl in baju kurung,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Uncle Taxi Driver

This is a way random post. Who would have imagined that I would blog about them.
Even I myself didn't think i'll ever have someting to write about it.
Maybe it's the caffeine that's still in my bloodstream from the coffee that I had for sahur just now.
Coffee, my friends, makes me so energetic just like Maradonna some random sportsmen on steroids.
It's an indulgence for me to have coffee because I do not want to be super dependent on it.
I'll have it when I know I didn't have enough rest and on the day that I have lots of work/recording/editing to be done.
Now I'm talking about coffee when I'm supposed to be talking about taxi drivers.

So, this morning on my way to work in the cab as usual, I started to a convo with the uncle.
I usually like to rest my eyes while taking the cab and enjoy a quiet 'me' moment.
But then sekali got jam. I started complaining about this big cars always queueing up outside the school gate. A lot pulak tu! That is just the lethal recipe for a massive jam for other vehicles.
So i started talking with the uncle about it. Plus, he gave me the 'nice uncle' vibes.

Sidetrack: I am totally into this vibes thing. U know how some uncle just give u the 'cheat-people-money' vibe? Or like 'hey-everyone-i'm-super-irritating' vibe? I should talk more about this vibes thing in a separate post. This, my friends, is of course a super important issue to discuss.

Back to the 'nice uncle'. So we ended up talking about about how now the kids are having the 'emperor child' syndrome. How parents these days tend to over-indulge in their kids to the point that they cannot take it if their child comes home complaining about getting reprimanded by their teacher in school.
My teacher friend, had a parent lah that comes up to her to tell her not to mark in red pen because it scares her son!
Oh my god, seriously madam, your son sees scarier things in Final Destination.
Plus, I don't think there has been seizure attacks by students caused by seeing red crosses on their homework. I don't think Obama Handsome had a problem with red pens when he was a student.

Back in my days, i'm not old by the way, well back in my days, if I told my mom, "Mak, just now i got shouted by my ugly form teacher because i forgot to bring my Art Folio." She will add to my pain by scolding me somemore, "Serve you right! I also don't understand why must u forget to bring your art work to school! Next time you better be more alert!'
To my mom, if my teacher gets angry with me, there must be a valid reason. Aiyo. Complain no use one. Plus when I was complaining, I actually made a sad face for good measure. Still, it didn't work.

So the uncle, went on saying on how the students are becoming less respectful of teachers, more insolent towards their elders and all. Talking about cases students who dare to smoke in school, shout at their teachers, scream profanities at their teachers. 20 years back, these are unimaginable. All this probably resulting from the over-indulgence of parents.
He added that he himself was not a clever student in his days but teachers were held in high regard and that had instilled discpline in him. And you know what, I think somehow later on in his life, it did help him be a better parent to his children. He said he was not well-to-do but made sure his children respected teachers like how he respected his. And as I was about to alight his taxi, he said that i was his first passenger this morning right after he dropped off his son.
So I asked, where?
He answered, the junior college there.
'Oh that's a good school. Right?'
Then he said no lah. My son too old to study already. He teaching there.

So this uncle, who admitted he was not a bright student, had instilled the importance of education in his son and to respect the person that is giving u the guiding hand, and in turn had helped his son to become a lecturer in a college.

RanDomly yours,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ooops I did it again.

Yes I did it yet again.
If you're wondering, what did she do this time round?
Fall on her face?
Buy more shoes? Buy more rings? More lipstick?
Well, no surprise there cos yes I DID do all of the above.

But what's more important here is, again, I had ignored my blog.
I just realised it's almost 2 months since I last updated here.
If my blog can talk, it'll just complain that it's being
'di-anak-tirikan' time and time again.
Lol. That sounds so funny all a sudden cos it sounds like some of the common whining celebrities or wannabes.
Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay, it's 2 months!!
Since my last post on jackets, I've been busy worrying about so many things.
All of a sudden, there were events to attend, photoshoots to do, extra deadline, basically extra stuff.
But no one's complaining. In fact I love being busy.
I remembered a senior DJ telling me, being busy is good. Cos that means I've got a job.
After working for years now, I just realised I'm actually happiest when I'm very busy.

On top of that, I was occupied with my meetups with close friends and occupied with my weight worry.
And at that point of time, the weight-worry just intensified due to the impending APM 2011.
You see my friends, I love to eat. The problem is things that I love to eat are all fattening.
You name it, I love it.
Chicken skin, chocolate, bubble tea, milkshake, ice-cream, cheese cake, rice, the list goes on.
Annnnnnd the problem is not only because it's fattening. Another problem is I eat lots of it. Plus on a daily basis somemore.
How like dat???
Then I decided, I need to run. Errr, not the lari rumah kind of thing.
I can't cut down on food since I love it too much. It'll be depressing.
So I decided I need to exercise. And that just adds on to my need-to-do list for the past month.

Therefore my friends, this post is just to explain why I have not blogged for almost 2 months now.
See u again in a random post soon.
And when i say soon, I promise it will not be in 2 months' time.

lots of love, hugs, kisses and chocolate,

Friday, June 3, 2011

OMG That's an awesome jacket. Be still my heart.

I love jackets. Have I ever said that?
I have an absolute weakness for jackets. I think currently I have about 7 black jackets and that’s excluding my numerous black cardigans.
I remembered about 2 years ago when high padded tops came back to fashion, I went scrambling to find it. And my first few power-shouldered tops came from Bangkok cos they had it there before Singapore!
Then early last year when I was so into Seo In Young, I love her look and what she wore for her song Vari2ty that I searched everywhere for that similar looking jacket. I kept on swooning and swooning over her jacket everyday.
Yes I’m mental like that.
I get strange motivation from strange things.
Back to jackets, after an island wide search, I found it in Zara!
I think my heart was so bursting with happiness, I actually glowed. I felt true love there and then.

It's crazy but I had to tell my heart to be still cos it was pumping in an overdrive mode.
The only thing was the price tag. $259.
With the jacket in my hand, I walked back and forth thinking when and how will I wear the jacket since it’s so hot in Singapore. Will it be worth it then since I can only wear it twice or thrice if the weather and situation permits? But then to leave it alone on the hanger and me going back to my sleepless nights, my heart cannot take it. And as they say, love prevails all.
I got it. And I love it.
A fortnight later, I saw a jacket at Dorothy Perkins that will make Michael Jackson proud.
On a side note, I’m a massive fan of Michael’s fashion. Did you watch ‘This Is It’? Everything he wore during his rehearsals was flawless! Love every single jacket he wore. If you're thinking, how come I'm looking only at what he wore and not what he sang, Yes his performance moved me and so did his jackets.
Ok ok, Back to my jacket over at DP, while I was fawning over it thinking how awesome it’d be if I were to have it, my friend came over and said, “Fiza, don’t tell me you’re thinking of getting it. Where are u going to wear it to?” That made so much so sense so I left it at that.
But 2 weeks later I came back and got it.
The other jackets had their own story to it. Although not too drama.

Saying I LOVE my jackets is an understatement.
My friends, *drumroll* now I shall present to these awesome jackets worn by my favourite celebrities.

Studs and leather = lethal 

Who else can wear it better than THE man? 
This power-shouldered jacket worn by VB plain awesome, nuff said.

And u know, if I had my way, and all the moolah in the world, I will get these jackets for myself.
Can you imagine, how my heart wrenches, how my soul is tormented, seeing these jackets but never having them.

lots of love,
fiza your drama queen

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My 1st ever makeup review! Taaaadaaaa!

Just last weekend I was at the expo for work and bumped into a friend that was having a stall there and was selling makeup and clothes and etc. And I was very interested in the makeup that was being sold cos my friend said that the brand was being used by some Indonesian artistes.
And that was it.
Enough to convince me to buy it. The brand is SARIAYU. Have u heard of it? Well, it was my first time hearing about it.
So i bought some lipsticks, blusher and eyeshadow palette. Each costs $26.70 but I got a good discount!

The blusher palette. It's very small actually and there's a mini brush given but the brush is not good. The colour is pretty good as it's slightly glittery and gives you the shimmery glow. Not loving it, cos the colour doesn't really stay for long.

 Next is the eyeshadow palette that comes in 3 colours : dark bronze, pink, and off-white. All 3 are very shimmery and comes with a very weak applicator. Among the 3, white is the most pigmented and pink is the bleargh one. The colour does not really come out. The white is excellent to highlight your browbone and for the inner of your eyes. Nice. I've done swatches of the colours on my hand below.

Overall I think, it's just ok. Nothing that stops u in your tracks. As for the 2 lipsticks that I bought: No. 01 and 02. There were no samples for me to try so I just bought the 2 colours. And after testing the colours, I decided it wasn't really my type.
No 01 : pink with red undertones
No 02 : orangey nude.
Pretty hard to describe so I've made a swatch of the colours below.

So yes, since I know that I will not be using both of it, I decided to just give these lipsticks away.

All you have to do is tell me what's the makeup brand that u like and why?
Maybe, for example u love the eyeliner from so-and-so brand, cos it's good and reasonably priced.
Email to me at and don't forget your contact no :)
I'll choose the best email and pass the lipsticks to you. That's it!

And i'll be updating this post once I've chosen THAT girlfriend!


The winning girlfriend is Fatin Azizi! Congrats girlfriend! Your lippies are on the way.

Thank u to all the girlfriends who sent in your awesome entries. Unfortunately I only have a pair to give away.


Monday, May 16, 2011

My hair is a mess

That's right. My hair is in an official mess. I don't know what to do with it.
I've had short hair for so long now that I cant remember how I look like in long hair.
Plus friends have been telling me I look better in short hair. So i guess inadvertently, they're saying I look awful in long hair. Not that I get upset about it. But it's just that I feel like doing something different. And everytime I want to try to grow it out, I ended up cutting it shorter than ever.
Now every morning, I dread to think what else can I do with it.
Blow dry it? Just put on a hairband? Force it into a mini ponytail? Wear my beanie again? Put on a cap?
Seriously. This is a big bimbo dilemma.
But a dilemma nonetheless.
My hair is at it's hopeless stage right now.
As a prove:

Even my scarve can't help my hair.

This headband is a best friend during last resort moments.

I wanted a different look kan? So now, I got what I wanted. Thanks to this overgrown hair that's not here, not there, I have a different look everytime I go to work.
Sometimes, I look like a mushroom, sometimes I look like my hair has got too much current and most of the times I look like a prata head. So be careful of what u wish for.

And now, I'm contemplating to cut or not. To cut or not. And it doesn't help that I saw this old pic of VB and her fabulous short hair. I wannnnnnnt!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Kak Victoria, I berkenan sangat dengan rambut you.

To end this ramblings of mine, here's a picture of me in my not-overgrown-hair.
I miss my old hair! Sob!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Over-doing it?

It's normal to be crossing the street and turning your head when someone attractive walks past you.
Probably it's the chic outfit, the healthy hair, that height, the chiseled jawline, the air surrounding him or her, the way he/she walks or just probably the way they sway and dart their eyes. It's either or, or a combination of everything that I've just said. My girlfriends and I were hanging out really late one night and suddenly one of us mentioned about a girl that was opposite us when we were crossing the road. She was attractive and eating ice cream. Nothing spectacular really.
But what we discussed was how she knows she was attractive and made sure people were looking at her. The way she held the ice cream cone was like how you see the Bond ladies hold their glasses during their cocktail parties. (really, was that even necessary?)
The way she flipped her hair and the glance she gave to people crossing the street. So yes, she did all that within seconds of crossing the road.
The point is, her every move was calculated. Too rehearsed it was bordering on arrogance.
Then the other day, I was with a buddy when a girl that was known for being cocky strutted into the cafeteria, he turned to me to ask who was that.

'Oh it's ******', I answered. 'Why?'
'Oh nothing, it's just that she looks attractive,' he answered.

And I've seen guys with similar swagger, the way they stand with their shoulders squared, the confidence, the way they try drawl and maintain that intense gaze and yada yada. Sure they do look attractive at the first glance. But then it's all too rehearsed.
Basically, trying too hard to exude a certain charisma.
I don't know. You either have charisma or you don't. You can't fake it.
Where do YOU see the line between confidence and just plain over-doing it aka cockiness?

randomly yours,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cepat Tepat 2011 FINALS

It's been so long since I last updated my blog. I am shocked.
I thought it was only a few weeks. But it's been more than a month.
The last one was like 27th Feb! Another thing to add to my 'under-achiever' list.

I wanted to talk bout James Franco but then, this pictures and videos are already collecting dust in my SD card. So before, I forget yet again, I MUST do this now.
(Cos, I've someone hawking over me and forcing me to it)

Pretending to be script-reading for the sake of a photo.

Me before makeup by Kak Norehan :)

KC taking photos of the props so that it won't be too obvious that he's taking photos of himself.

 During rehearsal of Cepat Tepat Finals.
Students on set
Cikgu Mohd Naim Daipi, Cikgu Adam Fadila dan Cikgu Ishak Latiff
 Sekolah Rendah McPherson
Sekolah Rendah Punggol
Sekolah Rendah Temasek
Making changes to the script

Abang-Abang crew
My ex-partner-in-crime
Kak Azizah, the executive producer is watching on.
Yes, that's how the contestants look like on tv
 And that's how I look like on TV.
And, that is such a tak perlu punya statement.

 I love this pic. Because I look so blurred and so background.

 Kak Azizah, Abang Jamil, me & Kak Norehan

Me and Mr Producer, Abang Yan.

Ok that was it. I actually have a lot more photos to load from the previous Cepat tepat rounds, but that'll have to wait. And since I have nothing else creative to say at this juncture, i'll just end the post here.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

The lipstick colour I've worn for years

I'm going to randomly do a super short entry on my lipcolor.
Over the years, I've gotten a fair bit of requests from friends and listeners and tv viewers who asked what kind of lipstick that I usually have on.
And so, I've decided to answer it all here.
Well I started buying this lipstick since 2003 and have used it for like the longest time ever. I've also recommended it to some friends. I love, love, love it.
And like all MAC lipsticks, it just smell and taste SO good!

Well, it's a nude pink colour from MAC called Satin Spirit.
Below, you can have a rough gauge of how the shade is like.

So there you have it.
But since the past year, I have been experimenting with lots of other brighter colours.
And i'll do another post on it :)
Till then, love you gfs!

fiza o

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The men in my life

The men in my life, eh?
It is not as awesome as the title seems to be. What had inspired me to write this post is the fact that I am so overwhelmed by how sexy Rain is.Well, it had all started out with Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys.

Awwww... look at how cute he used to be.Don't know what happened along the way.
picture source : oyunbi

I can't imagine I had actually thought we were made for each other.
He wore a basketball jersey number 26 and my register number in my class then was also 26.
We are 2 years apart and so are my parents.
So yes. That was enough to convince me that there was destiny between us.

Thank god my obsession with him ended with my secondary school life.
Years after that, he was embroiled in a scandal with Paris Hilton and that just added to the yucks factor.
Plus, he look nothing like how he did when he was 17.

Next on my list of infactuation. Anuar Zain.
picture from

Now this one a bit different.
I still like him.
I've liked him for the longest time. Ever since his video clip Bila Resah came out, I thought he was totally the cutest Malay man ever. Like ever.

Plus he's got a smile that's to die for.
How can tahan like that.
I just wish he'll grow his long hair back. I think he's the cutest Malay man with long hair.
And if he happens to read this, please know that I totally love you and come marry me. Lol.

So, can u imagine how exhilarating it was when I finally met him in person?
I can keep on repeating the story 20 thousand times and I won't mind. So if you see me, just ask. Sungguh i'll tell.
Anyhow, here are some pictures that make me smile over and over and over again.

As you can see, I had done some blatant cropping. Erasing others in the picture. I told you before, the world revolves around us both. And I wasn't kidding. And as i'm typing this I'm frantically searching for more photos that I took with him but I can't find it! Gosh! Will update this post once I find more!

Ok next next. Next on my list, there's Kimura Takuya. How can anyone be this insanely good-looking?

<pic taken from a Jap wallpaper website>

If this is not good-looking, you better check your eyesight loh.
Hidung dia original, tak buat ok nyah.
Jah suka sekali. Meletop abang Kimura Takuya ku.

Next, i've got to skip a couple of others or else my entries won't fit.
 I can just keep going on and on.
But the man that's topping that list at the moment is Bi Rain. I just have a weakness for man that can make a simple shirt and pants look, look so hot. And he can totally blow you away with his white shirt and pants.
Look at how he totally rock the look and the stage.

I first fell in love with him when I saw the video clip of September 12 and when he acted in Full House.
Well actually, my mum fell in love with him first.
But anyhowww, what's important is he's got a song that's commemorating my birthday. Ahaks.

I can keep on watching the video over and over again.
Maybe it's his sincerity when he express his song. I can feel his pain.
I just love this video. I just love the heartwrenching melody.
Or maybe because I just love how hot he is in this video.
Or maybe also, it's the same date as my birthday.

That doesnt't change the fact that the sole reason I did this post is to express how much I love his hotness.


Monday, January 31, 2011

You too?

Are there times you just hope that things do get better. But they don't.
Things just keep coming and coming.
Just when you think you can't handle it, it keeps on piling.
When you're physically tired, all u need is a darn good rest and wake up better. 
But when you're emotionally tired, what do you do?
You try to sleep it off but it just won't work. It's just so draining.
And if you're emotionally tired right now, I'm telling you you're not the only one. If you want to share what's weighing you down, let me know. 
I'm just a click away.