Monday, May 16, 2011

My hair is a mess

That's right. My hair is in an official mess. I don't know what to do with it.
I've had short hair for so long now that I cant remember how I look like in long hair.
Plus friends have been telling me I look better in short hair. So i guess inadvertently, they're saying I look awful in long hair. Not that I get upset about it. But it's just that I feel like doing something different. And everytime I want to try to grow it out, I ended up cutting it shorter than ever.
Now every morning, I dread to think what else can I do with it.
Blow dry it? Just put on a hairband? Force it into a mini ponytail? Wear my beanie again? Put on a cap?
Seriously. This is a big bimbo dilemma.
But a dilemma nonetheless.
My hair is at it's hopeless stage right now.
As a prove:

Even my scarve can't help my hair.

This headband is a best friend during last resort moments.

I wanted a different look kan? So now, I got what I wanted. Thanks to this overgrown hair that's not here, not there, I have a different look everytime I go to work.
Sometimes, I look like a mushroom, sometimes I look like my hair has got too much current and most of the times I look like a prata head. So be careful of what u wish for.

And now, I'm contemplating to cut or not. To cut or not. And it doesn't help that I saw this old pic of VB and her fabulous short hair. I wannnnnnnt!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Kak Victoria, I berkenan sangat dengan rambut you.

To end this ramblings of mine, here's a picture of me in my not-overgrown-hair.
I miss my old hair! Sob!


  1. haizzz...fiza infact me too having the same prob as ur atlast naw sungguh serabai!!still on a look out for fresh new hair cut!

  2. rambut Kak Vic tu mmg JAMZ... aper kater... u try rebond ur hair... lagie senang nak jage... kai hairband or bandanna or clip... (unless u rimas panas)... or great idea is... go PHUKET nanti... buat BRAIDS...!!! hehehe

  3. GF,
    Beautiful piece of reading dear , love it, btw you look gorgeous with short hair esp the bangs.



  4. Thanks for your feedback girls!


  5. ya allah...fiza wat telah happen to ur hair?? it look cute on u...*winks*