Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Food Review : The Chicken Rice Shop @ VivoCity

I hope this will be the first of my many other food reviews. Content shouldn't be hard for me to find because I love to eat and I will have a lot to say about food. But the difficult bit is finding the time to write and share about it.
Anyone who knows me will know I'm a HUGE eater. In fact, that's one of the first few things that you will discover about me, in my first conversation with anyone. (Aiyah, I feel guilty that I've not run for SO long. I shall post my running shoes and running tops that I bought just for gym-ing. But it's still sitting down prettily in my cupboard. Doing nothing.)

Ok back to food.

Recently, I went again to the rice shop at Vivo. The chicken rice sets there are not too bad.
If you get a set for 2, it'll set u back by $24.90 I think. That's not too bad.
SO in that set, u'll get your rice, diluted chicken soup, 2 sets of chicken of your choice (roasted, steamed, honey roasted, etc), fishball soup, pai tee (i think that's what it's called), and yada-yada. The meal is pretty decent. The pai tee is nice and the chicken is good too.
Nothing spectacular but ok if you're finding something local and halal to eat at VivoCity.

So, currently they are introducing a new type of laksa that's called, Authentic Sarawak Laksa.

The picture looks so good! The gravy looks reddish and full of flavor. It was so tempting and I had to have it. I ordered mine sans the prawns and just the chicken. So I was waiting for my rich, tasty laksa and can u imagine how disappointed I was when the real thing came?

This is EXACTLY how it looked when it was served to me.

Ok granted that I should not expect the food to look exactly like how it does in the flyer and the poster outside the shop. But still.
This is wayyy different and it's $9.50. I say, you and I are better off with Tong Seng's $3.50 laksa.
This was disappointing for me and I thought I should just share it.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MOL and me

In a previous post, I had shared how me and youngest sister love being sarcastic to each other.
I suppose it helps sharpen our wit. It helps us have the ability to laugh at ourselves and love each other more.
I think.
But anyway, this is a conversation that took place minutes ago.

I was asking my sister to help me take a photo off my passport and whatsapp me.

(btw, I call her Mol. as a short form of Kak Small. I'm Kak Big and she is Kak Small. Its a long story and that will take up another post)

Me : Mol, please help me to take a picture of my passport and whatsapp me.And make sure it's a good, clear one.

Mol : Ok.

Photo sent.

Me : Omg. Who's that girl? (referring to me) She's like wooowww.

Mol : Ya Ya.

Me : Eh not so clear lah. Send me again and use a better camera.

Mol : Ok ok I will try.

Me : Thanks babe.

Then I thought. Thanks babe? Eh eh. Who talks like that to their sister?

So I said : Eh babe pulak.
                 Sorry Mol. That happens when you have too many friends.

Mol : Ha Ha.

So my friends, that's why I love my sisters.
They are smart enought to know what's a joke.

lots of love and backache,

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I was going home the other night. Cabbing as usual. And as my cab was making a turn and reaching my destination, I saw a girl desperately trying to get a cab. She looked really flustered. She was flailing her arms and was just looking all over - across the road, the junction behind her, everywhere. So I was glad that I was stopping near her so that when I got down, she can take my cab. 
So after I got down, I saw that my taxi driver didn't take her in. Maybe because he was changing shift or going to a different direction. I don't know what. BUT, I really felt bad for her. I know how it feels man. Being late and no cabs and when there's finally a cab, he won't take you! It feels like it's one whole big conspiracy trying to bring u down. Ok let's not go there. 

So I saw her running to the nearest void deck presumably to call a cab or get someone at home to send her to wherever she needs to go. 
Anyhow, as I was making my way to my place, I saw a cab with green lights turning in! Yeay for the girl I thought! I turned and the girl wasn't there still. And then 2 more available cabs drove past!

Can u imagine, she could have waited there for an eternity and there were absolutely no cabs and the moment she turned her back, 3 available cabs just drove past her. 

And this long story that I just shared with u my friends, just reminded me of something. 
Sometimes it's not skill or talent or exquisite beauty that gets you opportunities.
Sometimes it's just pure timing. 
Right place, right time.

Lots of love, but not much time,