Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Food Review : The Chicken Rice Shop @ VivoCity

I hope this will be the first of my many other food reviews. Content shouldn't be hard for me to find because I love to eat and I will have a lot to say about food. But the difficult bit is finding the time to write and share about it.
Anyone who knows me will know I'm a HUGE eater. In fact, that's one of the first few things that you will discover about me, in my first conversation with anyone. (Aiyah, I feel guilty that I've not run for SO long. I shall post my running shoes and running tops that I bought just for gym-ing. But it's still sitting down prettily in my cupboard. Doing nothing.)

Ok back to food.

Recently, I went again to the rice shop at Vivo. The chicken rice sets there are not too bad.
If you get a set for 2, it'll set u back by $24.90 I think. That's not too bad.
SO in that set, u'll get your rice, diluted chicken soup, 2 sets of chicken of your choice (roasted, steamed, honey roasted, etc), fishball soup, pai tee (i think that's what it's called), and yada-yada. The meal is pretty decent. The pai tee is nice and the chicken is good too.
Nothing spectacular but ok if you're finding something local and halal to eat at VivoCity.

So, currently they are introducing a new type of laksa that's called, Authentic Sarawak Laksa.

The picture looks so good! The gravy looks reddish and full of flavor. It was so tempting and I had to have it. I ordered mine sans the prawns and just the chicken. So I was waiting for my rich, tasty laksa and can u imagine how disappointed I was when the real thing came?

This is EXACTLY how it looked when it was served to me.

Ok granted that I should not expect the food to look exactly like how it does in the flyer and the poster outside the shop. But still.
This is wayyy different and it's $9.50. I say, you and I are better off with Tong Seng's $3.50 laksa.
This was disappointing for me and I thought I should just share it.

Lots of love,

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