Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Random Haircut

 Yesterday I was out and about running errands and I came across this random salon. There was a friendly hairdresser that chatted me up and complimented my hair. He said, "Your hair is very nice. But it's out of shape. I can help you you volume it up, shorten it at the back, yada yada". Normally I'll walk away cos I'm not going to risk my hair just like that. But there was something about the way he described my future haircut then. The way he said it was like he really understood what I wanted. I was impressed. I thanked him and walked away.
But 5 minutes later, I turned back and was already sitting in his salon preparing for the haircut.

So ya. Here's my new haircut.

Me sans makeup. Dark eye rings. Horror horror.
Tapi takpelah. Malas nak photoshop photoshop.


This was taken this morning with the ring Adi called, cincin keramat.

The haircut turned out pretty ok. Sigh. But I've been telling myself for the past few months to keep it long. I've had short hair for almost 5 years now! But short hair is just too addictive.

Till then.

The day we were at Sylvia Ratonel's Album Launch

Yes, the day we were at the launch, all of us forgot to bring a camera. A real camera. Gosh.
So it definitely put my phone-camera-taking skills to a test. And I failed.
I'm amazed at how people can take such good photos of themselves and I'm just SO lousy at it.
Below are the photos that are a testament to how bad I am at self-potraits.

But first things first, some photos of Sylvia at the launch!

That's Sylvia in black with a fedora hat during the opening dance with 6 male backup dancers.
Lookin' hot Sylvia!
Ok. I know you have to squint but my iPhone's focus is sooooo bad!
Another one! Hopefully it's clearer.
I'm waiting for an official photo from Universal - a photo of Sylvia and us!

Rafil, me and Nity at the launch.
My first attempt at self-potrait. I told you i'm lousy!
I have no idea how people take nice photos of themselves in the mirror.
So I just kept on trying.


Friday, November 26, 2010

MediaCorp Trade Fair

 This is going to be one of my most efficient entry. Cos the event is yesterday and it's up on my blog today. Amazing. It usually takes months.
Anywayyyyyyyy, I was involved in MediaCorp's Trade Fair yesterday and represented RIA 897FM.
It's a yearly event involving everyone under MediaCorp - radio, tv, print, i-media. Just everyone.
Last year there was Zoe Tay! This year takde. Sob. I am such a big fan of Zoe Tay. The photo I managed to take with her was gone cos it's in my lost handphone.Huaaaaaaaa!!!!
I suka sangat dengan dia. Once, I saw her at MediaCorp's carpark strolling to the drama studios and wanted badly to run after her for a photo but I was too scared. So ya melepas aku. So the next time when I saw Christopher Lee, aku tak kisah I just went ahead and snap a shot with him.
Aaaand I digress again.
This year MediaCorp's Trade Fair was held at Suntec Convention Centre.  
We walked the red carpet and sat with the VIPs of MediaCorp and clients.

Me and Norfa. From Suria there were Norfa, Kunjung and Nurul.
Btw, Norfa is pregnant with her second one!

Me and Bharathi from OLI

Me and Peifen from YES!

The live band that was accompanying the performers and hosts of the night -
Kumar, Michelle Cheong and Dennis!

Me and May Phua backstage


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Do you have great GFs too? :)

I am so blessed to have so many good girlfriends. Whom I love and have such great chemistry with. I have girlfriends  whom I've maintained a strong relationship with since secondary school days, jc days. We still go out for our movies. Makan sessions. Only diff is now some are married. One with a kid, and one is preggies.

With Yasmine married, our hangout place had some adjustments. Cos we now get to chill at her place! And we love it. We go there to watch our movies or favorite dramas / comedies. We get to lounge around in her awesome comfy sofa. And just be so comfortable in each others' company.
Or we'll go out and shop and laugh endlessly with one another. We love each other that much.
I have also a tight circle of gfs from my Tkgs days that do random meetups, dinners, movies. And of course I have b and pony who I love. We are the complete opposites. But we are always there for each other.
And of course there are other invaluable friendships that I've forged as well. Me and Jah. Me and Kak lin. It's also important to sift out our friends who give u consistent negative energy. As you go through your life journey, you find out who are your true friends and who are not. Those who aren't don't let them get to you. Just like the app on fb, put them on your ignore list or ban list.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is I've been blessed with fantastic girlfriends. And so I cannot understand when someone I know told me, "I don't have gfs. They are just too bitchy to handle. I prefer the boys."
The first time I heard it, I was so shocked. How can anyone not have a Gf. They are missing out big time! My gfs were with me during my first prom night, my heartbreaks, during days of darkness, my first makeup moments, my days of disappointment.

I cannot deny there are girls who are bitchy. Girls who have the heart to backstab their own friends. Jealous tak kena tempat. And probably you've not been great Gf yourself. There're so many possibilities.

Anywayyyy what I'm trying to say is, gfs have been a great part of my life. I laughed and cried with them. Ranted about life and boys with them. Complained about my weight or bad skin with them. I can just go on and on. But I'll leave it here.

Thank u girls.

I'll say bye for now with some of the many pictures that left so many good memories.

 A day at Marina Barrage. The one and only time I've been there. We laughed till our stomach hurt. This pic still makes me smile everytime :)
Picture taken by Adik Schweet / Susie
Pony, B and me.
Me and B!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Guilt

I am going to admit today one of  my biggest guilt ever.
I feel guilty to not being able to reply to all of the nice emails I received over the years.
My mailbox is often full and when it is over the quota, either I won't receive it or it won't allow outgoing mails or I had overlooked it. Gasp! :(
I am blessed to have such nice people updating me what they did, sharing their happy moments and sad moments.. One of the emails that touched me was when I receive a photo of a girlfriend who had a drastic haircut after her heartbreak.

That was a few months after I mentioned on air I had chopped off my hair and cut it as short as possible.
In her email, she had sent me 2 photos of herself. One with long hair and the other with a short crop.
She mentioned how my change had inspired her to do the same and hopefully with the drastic haircut she will turn her life around and move on stronger than ever.
Unfortunately, we didn't manage to keep in touch after that and I've always wondered whether she's ok now.
And if she happens to read this simple blog of mine, i hope she'll drop me an email fizao897@gmail.com
I hope you're doing well dear. Hugs.

So all in all, there were too many moments that I've been touched by emails, letters and thoughtful gifts.
I promise I will post some of them in my later posts.
Reminiscing now, I feel so blessed. During bad days, when I check my mailbox and such an email pops in, it totally changes my day. It makes me, how do i put it, it makes me feel so appreciated and so thankful to the kind souls for uplifting me. Thank you.
And may Allah bless you for making others happy.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bollywood Challenge!

Lasst Thursday, me and the girls from Ria had so much fun dressing up for Bollywood Challenge.
Nity and Shai wore gaghra (that is if i'm spelling it correctly) while I wore a saree.
I have never worn a saree in my life!
So naturally I was pretty scared that it might just unravel when I get on the stage considering that I am possibly the clumsiest girl around. So Kak Zai had her assistant put on me a thousand and one pins to make sure it will not unravel on stage :)
So Kak Zai had her assistant wrap me expertly with the beautiful black saree.
And I totally love the accessories that came with the saree.
Will go and find it at Little India!

Here are just some pictures.

Happy long holidays friends! And Happy Deepavali! :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Flats

I don't know whether I've said yet how much I love shoes - heels, flats, platforms, wedges, slippers.
I used to just buy my shoes based on appearance. Cantik jer beli.
But now as my feet gets more sensitive. I try take account of the quality of the shoes and how comfortable my feet will be in it. So yes, if previously I'm rarely seen without heels, nowadays I'm usually donning my flats or pretty platform slippers.
So what kind of shoes do you like? flats? studded ones?

These are my current favourites.

I like the pretty pearls and little diamonds on it.
Bought it from a shop with no name.
I love this clog-looking shoe from Zara.
It is comfortable and very high.

Will be sharing with you soon in the next post -  a pleasant surprise I got from a dear friend recently.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 2 dollar shades. Amaaaazing.

Another thing to add on to my list of loves. Shades.

I collect a lot of shades too. Some I buy on impulse and have no idea what I was thinking when I bought it.

I will looking at myself in disgust in the mirror when I try it on.

'Fiza, why?????'

But basically, I never learn my lesson. I try to. But uh. You know how situation always forces you to make immediate crucial cruel shopping decisions. Especially if it's the last good piece or on a crazy sale.

I am just a victim of situation.

And sooo, when fate brought me to Cotton On yesterday. I of all people had to see the corner full of shades that were going for $2!



so YOU tell me. What was I supposed to do?

What was I, the victim of all shopping situations, supposed to do?

i HAD to buy all four pairs. remember, i HAD to.

This is my favourite! It's got olive-coloured rims. And I just love the color. I have similar shades like this but just not in this colour. 

I love this shape! Its just sooo sixties. And the color too.

 The exact same cut. Just that it's in solid black. Love it.

 And this one. Just bought it because it was 2 dollars.

And that my friends, conclude my short yet meaningful shades-shopping trip.

Go and get it too!

And let me know too if there are other fabulous sale like this!

p/s : One day i will post here the rest of my shades!


Fabulous Earrings

Over the weekend as I was celebrating my mom's birthday, me and my sis were walking around to find a birthday cake for my mum (she turns 48 by the way! Happy Birthday Mak! I Love you!).
I'll post crazzzy pictures of us later on. Anywaaaaay I digress, as we were walking around, I just had to be distracted by Mango.

And so I entered and saw a fabulous black dress that made me contemplate hard whether or not to get the dress. While contemplating, I ter-walk to the accessories area. (note: the word 'ter')
It was not on purpose of course.

So, I was stuck there. I was just gaping and admiring all the earrings and bracelets and necklaces and everything wonderful. But I had to choose one. I have to exercise self-control.
I have so many earrings already and so I try to choose a pair of earrings that do not resemble anything that I already had.

And anyway, these earrings were the first that I fell in love with. They are just so pretty.

Put them on immediately after I got out of the shop! 

My Fabulous Mango Earrings

Will soon post pictures of sunnies that I got for only 2 dollars!!


Friday, October 22, 2010

My new beanie!

I love ribbons and I love beanies. So when I went out with Zu last Tuesday, I can't help but fall in love with this.

It's just too cute and So I had to get it. Can't wait to wear it with the right outfit! Will post the pict here later!

Meanwhile, this was me at work today after my shift. Zzzzzz.

Hope your Thursday has been excellent :)

Looking forward to the weekend.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My FIRST lucky draw win ever.

I had promised to do a separate post on my family trip to JB.

So here was what roughly happened.
We went to have dinner at this place called Banafie. Service was bad and slow.
But anyway, the highlight of the trip was me buying ice cream. Ya i know. Ice cream makes me happy.

We were leaving Giant when we saw a small King's Ice Cream counter.
It was highlarious cos there was a lucky draw promotion board that says something like this:

1st prize : Bicycle ( a kiddie one)
2nd prize : Soccer Ball
3rd Prize : Prada Bag

3rd prize, Prada bag? Shouldn't it be like the first prize? After I saw the Prrrrada bag, I totally got it. 

And of course we were contemplating whether we should buy ice cream back home or not. It's so gonna melt. 
But then, it was such a fantastic discount. Plus the salesgirl was such a sweetheart. She approached us and offered to put it in an ice pack for us.
It was such a genuine service, I gave her a 5 ringgit tip which she strongly refused by pushing it away.
After that she insisted I took part in the lucky draw. I did not want to cos I know I will never win anything, given my record. You know how I always complain my no-win at lucky draws.
The list of my no-wins in lucky draws be in another post. haha. 

So, after much persuasion, I picked a random slip of paper in a box, there it was.
My first ever win at a lucky draw.
3 ais krim potong.
My first win in a lucky draw.
How amazing.

Within that few minutes of talking to her, I just instantly like her. She's just so sincere.
You know how sometimes, a person can just touch your life in a weird way although you just talked for a few minutes?
I don't know how to explain it. But I just took a liking to her.

And I would so recommend her to a single guy friend of mine.
I'm weird and random like that.
I got to find out her name is Ida.
And i know she will never read this post of mine.
But thank you Ida for being one of the most sincere salesgirl I've ever met and for being the person who gave me my first ever win at a lucky draw.

I shall remember you GF.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My 3 Rings

Nope it's not about Lord of the Rings or anything brilliant like that.
I promised since the dark ages to post the 3 rings that I bought last Monday. So here it is the post of the 3 rings that I bought.
I LOVE accessories.
And currently on my wish list, ...sigh. Let's not go there.
Anyway, I love accessories. One day I'll post the necklaces, rings, earrings and yada yada that I have,
that i love, that i havent worn yet.
So this is me in the office last Friday taking photos of the rings and myself.

Of course. I just had to include me.


Can you spot Azlin?!
The pearl necklaces I love from River Island!

Ok. This is the first ring.
It's not the kind of ring I would normally buy.
But it reminds me of Pocahontas.
Besides, It's big. And I LOVE big rings.

The 2nd ring

I like the unique 2 finger ring design. Don't worry, your fingers will not feel like it's stuck together.
Your fingers will still be able to function properly.
I got it cos i thought it was very pretty. And good for my feminine outfits.

The 3rd ring!
This is my favourite. The design is just plain and simple.
I love it.

So what kind of rings do you have in your collection? :)

"Kak Big you're short. But in a good way" - Ziqah

I love my sisters to death. Sometimes, the things they do for me makes me feel so loved and lucky.
It's a complicated relationship.
Because sometimes i want to bite them for the strangest and most cruel remark they make about me. But then, i love them.
So whatever.

What happened was, yesterday during my trip to jb (which I will explain in greater detail what happened there in a different post) while I was buying ice cream, Ziqah my baby sister was looking at me in a strange and intense way. So i asked, "Why are you staring at me?"

Then the following conversation took place :

Ziqah:     Kak Big, you're short. But in a good way.
Me    :     (stunned) Please explain . What do you mean by in a good way?
Ziqah:    (at a loss for words) aaaaahhh...aahhh..errr.. You look nice for someone short.
Me    :     Oh. My. God.
Ziqah:    (trying to salvage situation)No. What i mean is, in a group of short people you'll be the tallest. So THAT's in  a good way.
Me    :     Shut up Ziqah. You're not helping yourself.

So in a nutshell, that's a loving relationship that we have.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to the real world

10th October 2010 was fun! It was Daniel Ryan's 1st birthday and of course our darling Girlfriend Azi invited all of us babes to be part of the fantastic birthday celebration! The theme was safari and my girlfriends wore khaki, green and i wore leopard preeens. We have all been friends since our TKGS days which is like 10 years back and more. So it's really nice to see some of us having their own families and still being as crazy as ever.

Anyway Azi, you're such a fantastic party organiser!
She even bought for us safari hats for us to totally get into the safari mood.
The ice-cream cake was great, the desserts were awesome and food was goooooooood.
And imagine this, there was a balloon sculptor! We were so excited. More excited than the kids.
And I quickly requested for a tortoise balloon which I quickly got attached to.
It was so fun.

Azi and hubby, Anuar with birthday boy!! Daniel Ryan!! Happy 1st Birthday Daniel!

  Ill chose the parrot!
Azi loved the parrot too!

Hida's purple elephant and an alien 'hat' that she hijacked from Anuar.

Even the aunties were rushing to get theirs :)
And this is me with mine. Everyone, his name is Taib the Tortoise.
Us totally safari-ing!
Me and ill!

Shiks and Mardi!
So Azi if you were wondering where we went missing for a while, this was what we did.
Btw, that's hids and ill in the background.
I am very disturbed by this oily self taken photo.
I decided this photo without my face looked better.
Mardi and Shik playing out a tough scene - one was a lovesick woman and the other who just recuperated. Both had never seen the sea before.
Tough scene.
Another scene - Shiks is still having the same expression.
So next we tried the jumping in mid-air shot.
On your mark, get set..

And Again!

And that's it for the day.

The next day while I was packing for work at 4.30am, I saw my Taib the Tortoise and decided to bring him along with me.

The-ever-smiling Taib and makeup-less me at 5am on Monday.