Thursday, November 25, 2010

Do you have great GFs too? :)

I am so blessed to have so many good girlfriends. Whom I love and have such great chemistry with. I have girlfriends  whom I've maintained a strong relationship with since secondary school days, jc days. We still go out for our movies. Makan sessions. Only diff is now some are married. One with a kid, and one is preggies.

With Yasmine married, our hangout place had some adjustments. Cos we now get to chill at her place! And we love it. We go there to watch our movies or favorite dramas / comedies. We get to lounge around in her awesome comfy sofa. And just be so comfortable in each others' company.
Or we'll go out and shop and laugh endlessly with one another. We love each other that much.
I have also a tight circle of gfs from my Tkgs days that do random meetups, dinners, movies. And of course I have b and pony who I love. We are the complete opposites. But we are always there for each other.
And of course there are other invaluable friendships that I've forged as well. Me and Jah. Me and Kak lin. It's also important to sift out our friends who give u consistent negative energy. As you go through your life journey, you find out who are your true friends and who are not. Those who aren't don't let them get to you. Just like the app on fb, put them on your ignore list or ban list.
Basically, what I'm trying to say is I've been blessed with fantastic girlfriends. And so I cannot understand when someone I know told me, "I don't have gfs. They are just too bitchy to handle. I prefer the boys."
The first time I heard it, I was so shocked. How can anyone not have a Gf. They are missing out big time! My gfs were with me during my first prom night, my heartbreaks, during days of darkness, my first makeup moments, my days of disappointment.

I cannot deny there are girls who are bitchy. Girls who have the heart to backstab their own friends. Jealous tak kena tempat. And probably you've not been great Gf yourself. There're so many possibilities.

Anywayyyy what I'm trying to say is, gfs have been a great part of my life. I laughed and cried with them. Ranted about life and boys with them. Complained about my weight or bad skin with them. I can just go on and on. But I'll leave it here.

Thank u girls.

I'll say bye for now with some of the many pictures that left so many good memories.

 A day at Marina Barrage. The one and only time I've been there. We laughed till our stomach hurt. This pic still makes me smile everytime :)
Picture taken by Adik Schweet / Susie
Pony, B and me.
Me and B!



  1. Beautiful Fiza, I am truly sure you are a great friend for keeps.

  2. fiza, i have my GFS too, 5 of us including me.. we've been friends since sec school... 15years already, and still going strong.. i treasure them so very much... all 4 of them are married, 3 with kids... and their kids, i am totally in love with all of them!

    even their hubbies are good sport too.. we try to go on group outings whenever possible.. they never made me, e' only single one feel left out.. =) and sometimes, e' hubbies allow their wifeys to go on "only-girls-day-out"!

    my life is so blessed to have them... seriously, i can't imagine what my life would be without them!

  3. i definitely don't agree tat gurls are just too bitchy to handle..hees~

    i've just get to kno my gurlfrds a few months ago but we alreadie haf this great chemistry. we get along veryy well. with them, it's just crazy. haha.

    oh and i do think ur gurlfrds are veryy lucky to be loved by someone like u.=)

  4. Thank u for your comments Shymz and sarah! :)
    Shymz you're so lucky!
    and Sarah, may your crazy friendship last forever! and thank you for being sooo sweet :)

  5. I am not that fortunate like u all do coz i hvnt met any great gffs. Maybe. I shall resign to Fate that i might not have any. ..:(

  6. InsyaAllah you will meet them someday darling :)

  7. fiza i like to be ur girlpren too, its hard to find a good gff when our best gff since sec schl has betrayed,self centred and sad but its reality has to face it...