Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bollywood Challenge!

Lasst Thursday, me and the girls from Ria had so much fun dressing up for Bollywood Challenge.
Nity and Shai wore gaghra (that is if i'm spelling it correctly) while I wore a saree.
I have never worn a saree in my life!
So naturally I was pretty scared that it might just unravel when I get on the stage considering that I am possibly the clumsiest girl around. So Kak Zai had her assistant put on me a thousand and one pins to make sure it will not unravel on stage :)
So Kak Zai had her assistant wrap me expertly with the beautiful black saree.
And I totally love the accessories that came with the saree.
Will go and find it at Little India!

Here are just some pictures.

Happy long holidays friends! And Happy Deepavali! :)


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    1. This reply is 5 years too late girlfriend. But thank u for the compliment love 💋 @princess_nora