Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Flats

I don't know whether I've said yet how much I love shoes - heels, flats, platforms, wedges, slippers.
I used to just buy my shoes based on appearance. Cantik jer beli.
But now as my feet gets more sensitive. I try take account of the quality of the shoes and how comfortable my feet will be in it. So yes, if previously I'm rarely seen without heels, nowadays I'm usually donning my flats or pretty platform slippers.
So what kind of shoes do you like? flats? studded ones?

These are my current favourites.

I like the pretty pearls and little diamonds on it.
Bought it from a shop with no name.
I love this clog-looking shoe from Zara.
It is comfortable and very high.

Will be sharing with you soon in the next post -  a pleasant surprise I got from a dear friend recently.

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