Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The day we were at Sylvia Ratonel's Album Launch

Yes, the day we were at the launch, all of us forgot to bring a camera. A real camera. Gosh.
So it definitely put my phone-camera-taking skills to a test. And I failed.
I'm amazed at how people can take such good photos of themselves and I'm just SO lousy at it.
Below are the photos that are a testament to how bad I am at self-potraits.

But first things first, some photos of Sylvia at the launch!

That's Sylvia in black with a fedora hat during the opening dance with 6 male backup dancers.
Lookin' hot Sylvia!
Ok. I know you have to squint but my iPhone's focus is sooooo bad!
Another one! Hopefully it's clearer.
I'm waiting for an official photo from Universal - a photo of Sylvia and us!

Rafil, me and Nity at the launch.
My first attempt at self-potrait. I told you i'm lousy!
I have no idea how people take nice photos of themselves in the mirror.
So I just kept on trying.


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