Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Guilt

I am going to admit today one of  my biggest guilt ever.
I feel guilty to not being able to reply to all of the nice emails I received over the years.
My mailbox is often full and when it is over the quota, either I won't receive it or it won't allow outgoing mails or I had overlooked it. Gasp! :(
I am blessed to have such nice people updating me what they did, sharing their happy moments and sad moments.. One of the emails that touched me was when I receive a photo of a girlfriend who had a drastic haircut after her heartbreak.

That was a few months after I mentioned on air I had chopped off my hair and cut it as short as possible.
In her email, she had sent me 2 photos of herself. One with long hair and the other with a short crop.
She mentioned how my change had inspired her to do the same and hopefully with the drastic haircut she will turn her life around and move on stronger than ever.
Unfortunately, we didn't manage to keep in touch after that and I've always wondered whether she's ok now.
And if she happens to read this simple blog of mine, i hope she'll drop me an email fizao897@gmail.com
I hope you're doing well dear. Hugs.

So all in all, there were too many moments that I've been touched by emails, letters and thoughtful gifts.
I promise I will post some of them in my later posts.
Reminiscing now, I feel so blessed. During bad days, when I check my mailbox and such an email pops in, it totally changes my day. It makes me, how do i put it, it makes me feel so appreciated and so thankful to the kind souls for uplifting me. Thank you.
And may Allah bless you for making others happy.


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