Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting hit by someone so wrong. You're barking up the wrong tree, dude.

Getting hit on by someone single is flattering.
But getting hit on by your friend's boyfriend is sick.
'Nuff said.
Below is an anonymous story that i received through email yesterday.
I had read it on air but there was a huge chunk that I actually censored.
And as promised, here it is on my blog.

What do you think of this?

'Hi Fiza,
          My brother in law flirts with me. My sister and myself met him at the same time. I was already engaged at that time. Recently he had come out directly and said to me that he fancies me since he met me. I was shocked. To make matter worse, he still fancies me till now. At times he is downright rude and made me feel uncomfortable. He would tell me that he have wet dreams of me. He wud suddenly chat me up on FB and ask me if I know what he's doing at that moment. (r*******g himself at my images). I feel so sick. Not knowing who to talk to. He's not respecting me at all. I tried to avoid him like a plaque..but I'm scared if anyone wud notice. He would call me up on my handphone just to hear my voice. Help!!!

It's makes me so sick reading this.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?
Or have u ever had a partner that shamelessly hits on someone so close to you?

no comments,

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In Love with the wrong person?

Everyday I receive dilemmas  of different kind. Just when I thought I had read and heard it all, there will be a particular sms, call or email that will bring me to another dimension.

This was what I had received in an email :

'Hi Fiza, saya ada problem dalam relationship saya. Boyfriend saya ialah saudara dekat saya sendiri. Kami suka antara satu sama lain sejak kecil lagi cuma baru-baru ini, kami membuat keputusan untuk bersama setelah membuat research yg kami boleh kahwin. Masalah kami sekarang ialah saudara-mara asyik menanyakan tentang kami seolah-olah mereka menghalang dan tidak setuju dengan perhubungan kami. Saya dan boyfriend saya kini berumur dua puluhan tahun, kami pasti kami berfikiran matang dalam hal sebegini. Fiza, kami berdua tidak tahu apa yg harus kami buat untuk mereka menerima kami sebagai pasangan. Tolong saya fiza.'

What are your thoughts?
Or have u been in one?


Friday, August 19, 2011

Her dad chose her helper over her mom. And she needs your opinion.

Hi friends, one of my main purposes of creating a blog was also to create a space to the nice people who is are willing to share their stories with me. The people who are so in need of a listening ear. Those who need opinions from nice people like you. But at the same time, still keeping their identity confidential.

If you would like to give your opinions, please post below.
And if u'd like to email to me, it's at

There's always a first.
It can be your first email ever to me. Whatever it is, I'll be waiting.

And here it is, the first post on a gf's dilemma.

"hmm btw i nak comment tentang topic yang kak fiza sedang ketengahkan.. i would like to share my personal secret tapi untuk kebaikkan semua dan pengajaran semua.. sudah terlambat untuk saya.. ohh please don't mention my name..

sekarang ini abah saya sedang ada hubungan dengan maid saya sendiri.. mereka sudah bersama sejak mama saya cerai dengan abah saya.. saya tidak tahu sama ada dialah punca perceraian itu kerana masa itu saya masih kecil.. saya dan 2 lagi adik beradik saya tentunya tidak setuju.. saya pernah di pukul ayah kerana membela adik saya (ayah dapat handphone baru, dia sudah berjanji mahu beri pada adik saya, tetapi apabila pembantu saya nampak handphone itu, dia mahu yang baru, kemudian ayah bagi pembantu saya, dan hp yang pembantu saya pakai yang sudah rosak diberi pada adik saya) siapa tak marah kan? dan saya sebagai kakak yang pertama berdepan dengan abah saya..

kak fiza.. tolong lah saya tak tahu apa yang dia mahukan dari abah saya.. abah saya gemuk,sudah mahu masuk 50 lebih tahun.. dan pembantu saya SUDAH BERSUAMI DAN ADA 1 ANAK..(belum bercerai)

saudara2 saya semua tidak suka kelluarga saya lagi.. mereka selalu tanya pada saya kenapa saya tidak berbuat sesuatu.. tapi saya tidak mahu bergaduh dengan abah saya sendiri.. apa sepatutnya saya buat??

saya mahu report pada agency pembantu saya tetapi nanti abah saya yang kena ..

saya takut kak fiza.. mereka tidur di satu bilik.. bersama adik kecil lelaki saya .. tetapi adik bukannya selalu ada di rumah... dia tidur di rumah mama saya... argggghhhhhh..."

So what'd u say?

lots of love, chocolate and hugs,

Friday, August 12, 2011

The 'Trying-To-Cheat-People-Money' Type

Another post in the early morning again! U guessed it!
I had coffee for sahur!!
And I suppose that explains the many apostrophes this morning.

Well, I'm doing another post on taxi drivers. I realise I have quite a bit to talk about them because I take taxis to work everyday. So possibly, I've met almost all kind of taxi drivers.
- The fatherly type.
- The super efficient type that tries to get u the best route in the best possible time (which are the ones I love)
- The interesting-stories/opinions type.
- The gangsta type.
- The 'look-at-people-one-kind' type.
- The 'i-m-refusing-to-answer-your-questions' type. (This category quite weird. When u are telling him to turn left or go straight ahead, he doesn't say anything. So u wonder whether he heard, whether u should repeat? Or maybe he was just channeling the Kanye West attitude? )
- The cheat-people-money type. (Wah. This one I kena before. Charged me ERP when I didn't even pass any gantry. When I asked for receipt because my taxi fare was unusually high, he just suddenly become apologetic and blamed the machine for being spoilt and keep on saying he also don't know why the machine reflects my ERP charge! Errr. Guilty much In fact, when I asked him for receipt initially, I didnt even suspect him of cheating me. Oh plus there was one that charged me $3 CBD charge when there wasn't supposed to be any. Luckily I knew the area well, so I said nicely, 'Sir, i think there's not supposed to be any CBD charge from here.' Again he turned guiltily apologetic. That left me wondering, what if some makcik or auntie didn't know that there wasn't suppose to be any CBD charge? Kesian kan?)

So this morning, I met the 'i-love-to-jam-break-all-the-time' taxi driver.
I might be wrong but he seemed to be jam breaking all the time. He'll keep on doing it before a green traffic light till the light turns amber. Then yes! Another achievement! Another stop at another red traffic light for him.
He doesn't know that I feel like vomiting at the back of his cab.
He, my friends, was at the risk of having a girl vomiting in her baju kurung.
I could have threw up every single grain of the briyani I had for sahur. But I just closed my eyes, thinking of how pretty was the Salvatore Ferragamo bag that I saw a few days back.
(No. Not going to buy it. But nice. Very nice)
That helped. Although for only 5 minutes.
The moment I reached radio gate, i felt like i had just finished jumping in the inflatable castle for half an hour.
The irony was, the moment I was just trying hold my nauseousness in while trying to pay my taxi fare, the automated voice said, 'Thank You. Have a Great Day'.
The phrase 'great day' doesn't even resonate at that point of time.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not even angry with the uncle, i'm just puzzled by his jam breaking skills.

Have u met this type before?
Or what kind have u met?

the mabuk-at-the-moment girl in baju kurung,

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Uncle Taxi Driver

This is a way random post. Who would have imagined that I would blog about them.
Even I myself didn't think i'll ever have someting to write about it.
Maybe it's the caffeine that's still in my bloodstream from the coffee that I had for sahur just now.
Coffee, my friends, makes me so energetic just like Maradonna some random sportsmen on steroids.
It's an indulgence for me to have coffee because I do not want to be super dependent on it.
I'll have it when I know I didn't have enough rest and on the day that I have lots of work/recording/editing to be done.
Now I'm talking about coffee when I'm supposed to be talking about taxi drivers.

So, this morning on my way to work in the cab as usual, I started to a convo with the uncle.
I usually like to rest my eyes while taking the cab and enjoy a quiet 'me' moment.
But then sekali got jam. I started complaining about this big cars always queueing up outside the school gate. A lot pulak tu! That is just the lethal recipe for a massive jam for other vehicles.
So i started talking with the uncle about it. Plus, he gave me the 'nice uncle' vibes.

Sidetrack: I am totally into this vibes thing. U know how some uncle just give u the 'cheat-people-money' vibe? Or like 'hey-everyone-i'm-super-irritating' vibe? I should talk more about this vibes thing in a separate post. This, my friends, is of course a super important issue to discuss.

Back to the 'nice uncle'. So we ended up talking about about how now the kids are having the 'emperor child' syndrome. How parents these days tend to over-indulge in their kids to the point that they cannot take it if their child comes home complaining about getting reprimanded by their teacher in school.
My teacher friend, had a parent lah that comes up to her to tell her not to mark in red pen because it scares her son!
Oh my god, seriously madam, your son sees scarier things in Final Destination.
Plus, I don't think there has been seizure attacks by students caused by seeing red crosses on their homework. I don't think Obama Handsome had a problem with red pens when he was a student.

Back in my days, i'm not old by the way, well back in my days, if I told my mom, "Mak, just now i got shouted by my ugly form teacher because i forgot to bring my Art Folio." She will add to my pain by scolding me somemore, "Serve you right! I also don't understand why must u forget to bring your art work to school! Next time you better be more alert!'
To my mom, if my teacher gets angry with me, there must be a valid reason. Aiyo. Complain no use one. Plus when I was complaining, I actually made a sad face for good measure. Still, it didn't work.

So the uncle, went on saying on how the students are becoming less respectful of teachers, more insolent towards their elders and all. Talking about cases students who dare to smoke in school, shout at their teachers, scream profanities at their teachers. 20 years back, these are unimaginable. All this probably resulting from the over-indulgence of parents.
He added that he himself was not a clever student in his days but teachers were held in high regard and that had instilled discpline in him. And you know what, I think somehow later on in his life, it did help him be a better parent to his children. He said he was not well-to-do but made sure his children respected teachers like how he respected his. And as I was about to alight his taxi, he said that i was his first passenger this morning right after he dropped off his son.
So I asked, where?
He answered, the junior college there.
'Oh that's a good school. Right?'
Then he said no lah. My son too old to study already. He teaching there.

So this uncle, who admitted he was not a bright student, had instilled the importance of education in his son and to respect the person that is giving u the guiding hand, and in turn had helped his son to become a lecturer in a college.

RanDomly yours,