Thursday, August 4, 2011

Uncle Taxi Driver

This is a way random post. Who would have imagined that I would blog about them.
Even I myself didn't think i'll ever have someting to write about it.
Maybe it's the caffeine that's still in my bloodstream from the coffee that I had for sahur just now.
Coffee, my friends, makes me so energetic just like Maradonna some random sportsmen on steroids.
It's an indulgence for me to have coffee because I do not want to be super dependent on it.
I'll have it when I know I didn't have enough rest and on the day that I have lots of work/recording/editing to be done.
Now I'm talking about coffee when I'm supposed to be talking about taxi drivers.

So, this morning on my way to work in the cab as usual, I started to a convo with the uncle.
I usually like to rest my eyes while taking the cab and enjoy a quiet 'me' moment.
But then sekali got jam. I started complaining about this big cars always queueing up outside the school gate. A lot pulak tu! That is just the lethal recipe for a massive jam for other vehicles.
So i started talking with the uncle about it. Plus, he gave me the 'nice uncle' vibes.

Sidetrack: I am totally into this vibes thing. U know how some uncle just give u the 'cheat-people-money' vibe? Or like 'hey-everyone-i'm-super-irritating' vibe? I should talk more about this vibes thing in a separate post. This, my friends, is of course a super important issue to discuss.

Back to the 'nice uncle'. So we ended up talking about about how now the kids are having the 'emperor child' syndrome. How parents these days tend to over-indulge in their kids to the point that they cannot take it if their child comes home complaining about getting reprimanded by their teacher in school.
My teacher friend, had a parent lah that comes up to her to tell her not to mark in red pen because it scares her son!
Oh my god, seriously madam, your son sees scarier things in Final Destination.
Plus, I don't think there has been seizure attacks by students caused by seeing red crosses on their homework. I don't think Obama Handsome had a problem with red pens when he was a student.

Back in my days, i'm not old by the way, well back in my days, if I told my mom, "Mak, just now i got shouted by my ugly form teacher because i forgot to bring my Art Folio." She will add to my pain by scolding me somemore, "Serve you right! I also don't understand why must u forget to bring your art work to school! Next time you better be more alert!'
To my mom, if my teacher gets angry with me, there must be a valid reason. Aiyo. Complain no use one. Plus when I was complaining, I actually made a sad face for good measure. Still, it didn't work.

So the uncle, went on saying on how the students are becoming less respectful of teachers, more insolent towards their elders and all. Talking about cases students who dare to smoke in school, shout at their teachers, scream profanities at their teachers. 20 years back, these are unimaginable. All this probably resulting from the over-indulgence of parents.
He added that he himself was not a clever student in his days but teachers were held in high regard and that had instilled discpline in him. And you know what, I think somehow later on in his life, it did help him be a better parent to his children. He said he was not well-to-do but made sure his children respected teachers like how he respected his. And as I was about to alight his taxi, he said that i was his first passenger this morning right after he dropped off his son.
So I asked, where?
He answered, the junior college there.
'Oh that's a good school. Right?'
Then he said no lah. My son too old to study already. He teaching there.

So this uncle, who admitted he was not a bright student, had instilled the importance of education in his son and to respect the person that is giving u the guiding hand, and in turn had helped his son to become a lecturer in a college.

RanDomly yours,

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