Friday, August 12, 2011

The 'Trying-To-Cheat-People-Money' Type

Another post in the early morning again! U guessed it!
I had coffee for sahur!!
And I suppose that explains the many apostrophes this morning.

Well, I'm doing another post on taxi drivers. I realise I have quite a bit to talk about them because I take taxis to work everyday. So possibly, I've met almost all kind of taxi drivers.
- The fatherly type.
- The super efficient type that tries to get u the best route in the best possible time (which are the ones I love)
- The interesting-stories/opinions type.
- The gangsta type.
- The 'look-at-people-one-kind' type.
- The 'i-m-refusing-to-answer-your-questions' type. (This category quite weird. When u are telling him to turn left or go straight ahead, he doesn't say anything. So u wonder whether he heard, whether u should repeat? Or maybe he was just channeling the Kanye West attitude? )
- The cheat-people-money type. (Wah. This one I kena before. Charged me ERP when I didn't even pass any gantry. When I asked for receipt because my taxi fare was unusually high, he just suddenly become apologetic and blamed the machine for being spoilt and keep on saying he also don't know why the machine reflects my ERP charge! Errr. Guilty much In fact, when I asked him for receipt initially, I didnt even suspect him of cheating me. Oh plus there was one that charged me $3 CBD charge when there wasn't supposed to be any. Luckily I knew the area well, so I said nicely, 'Sir, i think there's not supposed to be any CBD charge from here.' Again he turned guiltily apologetic. That left me wondering, what if some makcik or auntie didn't know that there wasn't suppose to be any CBD charge? Kesian kan?)

So this morning, I met the 'i-love-to-jam-break-all-the-time' taxi driver.
I might be wrong but he seemed to be jam breaking all the time. He'll keep on doing it before a green traffic light till the light turns amber. Then yes! Another achievement! Another stop at another red traffic light for him.
He doesn't know that I feel like vomiting at the back of his cab.
He, my friends, was at the risk of having a girl vomiting in her baju kurung.
I could have threw up every single grain of the briyani I had for sahur. But I just closed my eyes, thinking of how pretty was the Salvatore Ferragamo bag that I saw a few days back.
(No. Not going to buy it. But nice. Very nice)
That helped. Although for only 5 minutes.
The moment I reached radio gate, i felt like i had just finished jumping in the inflatable castle for half an hour.
The irony was, the moment I was just trying hold my nauseousness in while trying to pay my taxi fare, the automated voice said, 'Thank You. Have a Great Day'.
The phrase 'great day' doesn't even resonate at that point of time.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not even angry with the uncle, i'm just puzzled by his jam breaking skills.

Have u met this type before?
Or what kind have u met?

the mabuk-at-the-moment girl in baju kurung,


  1. least he was polite.....:)

  2. who was polite babe? who did u mean? :)
    the machine?