Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting hit by someone so wrong. You're barking up the wrong tree, dude.

Getting hit on by someone single is flattering.
But getting hit on by your friend's boyfriend is sick.
'Nuff said.
Below is an anonymous story that i received through email yesterday.
I had read it on air but there was a huge chunk that I actually censored.
And as promised, here it is on my blog.

What do you think of this?

'Hi Fiza,
          My brother in law flirts with me. My sister and myself met him at the same time. I was already engaged at that time. Recently he had come out directly and said to me that he fancies me since he met me. I was shocked. To make matter worse, he still fancies me till now. At times he is downright rude and made me feel uncomfortable. He would tell me that he have wet dreams of me. He wud suddenly chat me up on FB and ask me if I know what he's doing at that moment. (r*******g himself at my images). I feel so sick. Not knowing who to talk to. He's not respecting me at all. I tried to avoid him like a plaque..but I'm scared if anyone wud notice. He would call me up on my handphone just to hear my voice. Help!!!

It's makes me so sick reading this.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?
Or have u ever had a partner that shamelessly hits on someone so close to you?

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  1. omg !!! that is truly madly deeply sick in de damn bloody brain. such a pervert betol ah de guy. infact there are still some guys out there who's worst than this. wonder whutt was even on their mind when literally n clearly they alrdy have a LEGAL PARTNER to get lusted with. *pfft

  2. i think she should talk to her brother in law that what he's doin is not right. if her brother in law still do that to her she should tell her sister and be honest. is she still engaged ? then she should tell to her tunang lah. and avoid the call from her brother in law. block him at the facebook.

  3. The BIL is damn sicko. If she cant stand it anm, tell her mother the whole story and seek her advise on how to overcome the situation. Both of them have to slowly plan how to convey the incident to the sister. Sometimes, some wives will tend to defend her husband rather than their own blood. For the time being, avoid him & slam down all his calls. If things get personal, *start meraba* report him to the police !!

  4. Tell him to stop & warn him tat u will expose him to his wife & family if he doesnt. the chats btwn u n him can be made as proof. dun let him affect ur life by letting him continue w all tis nonsense & make u live in fear.

  5. no point blocking him n stuffs. face him n ur sister. tell ur sister dat he had been a paranoid in ur life since day 1. if he could do this to u, means he could do to all e ladies out der. n ur sister doesnt even hav a clue about his idiotic behaviour. b strong n burp out the truth. it will nt only benefit u bt ur sister too. i know its easier said den done done bt im sure u're capable of it babe! =)

  6. Oh my, this is really really sick!!!! If it is an outsider, we could simply avoid him or report him to the police but to think, someone in the 'family' is doing that to her....The poor girl must be in such a dilemma...She cant simply avoid him forever as he is her bro in law...But if I were her, I would want him to stop harassing me...Does she have phone logs or chat logs when this 'perv' talk to her...Probably it is best to talk to ur sis about it...or may be her parents....if they dont believe her, she cud show them the chat logs? but of coz, you have to be prepared for the outcome of this conversation....Minta pada Allah...semoga Allah tunjukkan jalan keluarnya...insyallah...

  7. Ive been in a similar situation before but with someone single - at least from what he told me. There are more guys like these than what we think. They fancy a person in a different way. More sexually than anything else. And to them it is different from loving someone, hence they wouldnt regard it as wrong - even when they're married, in the case of ur brother. I know it is a very scary situation to be in, what more when the guy's ur own bro-in-law. My suggestion is u to give him a final warning that u'll expose wtv he'd done should he continue. And if he still does, the best u can do is to tell ur sister straight up. Express ur fears and concerns so that she'll understand that this is serious and it affects u greatly. Coz she probably wouldnt easily believe it in the first place. Hence it all comes down to how u break it up to her. Eventually she'll get to know the truth and insyallah everything will be alright again. Gd luck..=)

  8. Best thing is to talk to ur sis in a nice way and if she dont believe it, show all his sms and fb chat or pm..Or play trap like ask ur sis to hide and u meet ur bro in law see wats his up to..Tts d onli way babe,u must be strong and brave to do all this,pity ur sis n urself :)P

  9. Tell your sister!! Crazy disgusting man!

  10. Hi.. ITS ME.
    I've seen all the responses here is for me to tell my sister. I just cant. I'm the older sister. I do not want her to be upset. She had been thru so many challenges. I need to protect her. I did keep all the chats as proof (for later if my BIL gets overboard). I was initially helping my BIL overcoming his grievances over the death of their child. That's when he started calling me to TALK. He had fancied me since we first met. But I was engaged then and he admitted that he was dissapointed. I knew nothing of that. I got married to my fiance. And he married my younger sister. I truly believe that he loves my sister. I'm just someone that he fancies from the past. Its just shocking that he still does after almost 20 years. For him to confess that to me was just not right. I'm so uncomfortable around him nowadays. We met often as we are a close knit family. I've warned him. Stopped answering his calls. Whenever he msg me on FB, I keep to safe topic. If he starts talking dirty, I go offline. I'm just praying hard that for the sake of our family UNITY, I'm willing to keep this secret .. provided he keeps his end of the bargain. Its just that I wish he never tells me.

  11. if u want to protect ur sister, the first person u'll protect her from is her philandering husband. sometimes, the right thing to do hurts. But yes, if you really love her, you ought to tell her the truth.
    No one deserves a jerk for a spouse. You know you don't. So does your sister. Think of her, her future, the future of her kids.

  12. Why don't you bring to your hubby's attention? Show to him the evidence. Get your hubby to talk to your BIL. Man to man. Insyallah your hubby will be able to help you out of this undesirable situation. Your hubby is your best friend.