Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yet. Again.

I just checked. The last time I blogged was 25th August and today is 19th Oct.
Almost 2 months since my last post. Omg i did it again.
Time past really really fast.
The next thing I know, I will be 70 and wondering how much longer will my CPF last.

Ok anyway, this post is to thank those that have subscribed to my blog.
I was so shocked to see 105 followers seeing that I update my blog 'oh-so-frequently'.
And thank u to those that don't have your own blog but do frequent my blog.
In the words of the famous Barbarella, 'Thanks everybody thaaaaanks'.
You guys are the most awesome hor.

Well, I have a confession. I thought no one really reads my blog. But within a week, I had 3 awesome people that came up to me and said they enjoyed reading my blog.
One was my intern, Tiara that came up to me and said, Kak Fiza I enjoyed reading your blog. U promised to do an update blog on shades and u haven't.'
I was like : Really dik? I said that? Oh gosh. I should keep track of what I posted. So yes. I will be doing it insyaAllah.
Another was a woman in her forties that came up to me at a majlis. She said, 'Girlfrieeeeend, I suka baca bolg you. Buat lah lagi cerita pasal cincin-cincin you'.

That made me so happy yet so guilty that I've not taken care of my blog for so long.

This post is thus to re-assert that yes this blog is still well and alive.

lots of love, mee soto and koi,

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