Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ooops I did it again.

Yes I did it yet again.
If you're wondering, what did she do this time round?
Fall on her face?
Buy more shoes? Buy more rings? More lipstick?
Well, no surprise there cos yes I DID do all of the above.

But what's more important here is, again, I had ignored my blog.
I just realised it's almost 2 months since I last updated here.
If my blog can talk, it'll just complain that it's being
'di-anak-tirikan' time and time again.
Lol. That sounds so funny all a sudden cos it sounds like some of the common whining celebrities or wannabes.
Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay, it's 2 months!!
Since my last post on jackets, I've been busy worrying about so many things.
All of a sudden, there were events to attend, photoshoots to do, extra deadline, basically extra stuff.
But no one's complaining. In fact I love being busy.
I remembered a senior DJ telling me, being busy is good. Cos that means I've got a job.
After working for years now, I just realised I'm actually happiest when I'm very busy.

On top of that, I was occupied with my meetups with close friends and occupied with my weight worry.
And at that point of time, the weight-worry just intensified due to the impending APM 2011.
You see my friends, I love to eat. The problem is things that I love to eat are all fattening.
You name it, I love it.
Chicken skin, chocolate, bubble tea, milkshake, ice-cream, cheese cake, rice, the list goes on.
Annnnnnd the problem is not only because it's fattening. Another problem is I eat lots of it. Plus on a daily basis somemore.
How like dat???
Then I decided, I need to run. Errr, not the lari rumah kind of thing.
I can't cut down on food since I love it too much. It'll be depressing.
So I decided I need to exercise. And that just adds on to my need-to-do list for the past month.

Therefore my friends, this post is just to explain why I have not blogged for almost 2 months now.
See u again in a random post soon.
And when i say soon, I promise it will not be in 2 months' time.

lots of love, hugs, kisses and chocolate,


  1. Gf,
    Beautiful reading piece again, yup been too long since you last blog but I must say it is worth the wait. Thank you for making my boring day into a cheerful one after this...


  2. OMG U Go GiRL!!!!!!