Friday, June 3, 2011

OMG That's an awesome jacket. Be still my heart.

I love jackets. Have I ever said that?
I have an absolute weakness for jackets. I think currently I have about 7 black jackets and that’s excluding my numerous black cardigans.
I remembered about 2 years ago when high padded tops came back to fashion, I went scrambling to find it. And my first few power-shouldered tops came from Bangkok cos they had it there before Singapore!
Then early last year when I was so into Seo In Young, I love her look and what she wore for her song Vari2ty that I searched everywhere for that similar looking jacket. I kept on swooning and swooning over her jacket everyday.
Yes I’m mental like that.
I get strange motivation from strange things.
Back to jackets, after an island wide search, I found it in Zara!
I think my heart was so bursting with happiness, I actually glowed. I felt true love there and then.

It's crazy but I had to tell my heart to be still cos it was pumping in an overdrive mode.
The only thing was the price tag. $259.
With the jacket in my hand, I walked back and forth thinking when and how will I wear the jacket since it’s so hot in Singapore. Will it be worth it then since I can only wear it twice or thrice if the weather and situation permits? But then to leave it alone on the hanger and me going back to my sleepless nights, my heart cannot take it. And as they say, love prevails all.
I got it. And I love it.
A fortnight later, I saw a jacket at Dorothy Perkins that will make Michael Jackson proud.
On a side note, I’m a massive fan of Michael’s fashion. Did you watch ‘This Is It’? Everything he wore during his rehearsals was flawless! Love every single jacket he wore. If you're thinking, how come I'm looking only at what he wore and not what he sang, Yes his performance moved me and so did his jackets.
Ok ok, Back to my jacket over at DP, while I was fawning over it thinking how awesome it’d be if I were to have it, my friend came over and said, “Fiza, don’t tell me you’re thinking of getting it. Where are u going to wear it to?” That made so much so sense so I left it at that.
But 2 weeks later I came back and got it.
The other jackets had their own story to it. Although not too drama.

Saying I LOVE my jackets is an understatement.
My friends, *drumroll* now I shall present to these awesome jackets worn by my favourite celebrities.

Studs and leather = lethal 

Who else can wear it better than THE man? 
This power-shouldered jacket worn by VB plain awesome, nuff said.

And u know, if I had my way, and all the moolah in the world, I will get these jackets for myself.
Can you imagine, how my heart wrenches, how my soul is tormented, seeing these jackets but never having them.

lots of love,
fiza your drama queen


  1. I laughed reading this entry. U totally reminded me of myself. We are totally alike in this sense. How i will keep thinking for days and weeks abt the things i spot love at the first sight. I will try to talk sense to myself and see if i am being realistic and practical or am i just being impulsive. My frens also try talk sense to me just like ur frens did to u. So i applied my shopping principle and rule. I will only get it if its realistic and practical to me and if i cant stop thinking abt it for dayss...hehe!

    And oh. Wish u a blessed marriage fiza. Last till jannah. Amin. :)

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