Friday, November 26, 2010

MediaCorp Trade Fair

 This is going to be one of my most efficient entry. Cos the event is yesterday and it's up on my blog today. Amazing. It usually takes months.
Anywayyyyyyyy, I was involved in MediaCorp's Trade Fair yesterday and represented RIA 897FM.
It's a yearly event involving everyone under MediaCorp - radio, tv, print, i-media. Just everyone.
Last year there was Zoe Tay! This year takde. Sob. I am such a big fan of Zoe Tay. The photo I managed to take with her was gone cos it's in my lost handphone.Huaaaaaaaa!!!!
I suka sangat dengan dia. Once, I saw her at MediaCorp's carpark strolling to the drama studios and wanted badly to run after her for a photo but I was too scared. So ya melepas aku. So the next time when I saw Christopher Lee, aku tak kisah I just went ahead and snap a shot with him.
Aaaand I digress again.
This year MediaCorp's Trade Fair was held at Suntec Convention Centre.  
We walked the red carpet and sat with the VIPs of MediaCorp and clients.

Me and Norfa. From Suria there were Norfa, Kunjung and Nurul.
Btw, Norfa is pregnant with her second one!

Me and Bharathi from OLI

Me and Peifen from YES!

The live band that was accompanying the performers and hosts of the night -
Kumar, Michelle Cheong and Dennis!

Me and May Phua backstage


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