Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My 2 dollar shades. Amaaaazing.

Another thing to add on to my list of loves. Shades.

I collect a lot of shades too. Some I buy on impulse and have no idea what I was thinking when I bought it.

I will looking at myself in disgust in the mirror when I try it on.

'Fiza, why?????'

But basically, I never learn my lesson. I try to. But uh. You know how situation always forces you to make immediate crucial cruel shopping decisions. Especially if it's the last good piece or on a crazy sale.

I am just a victim of situation.

And sooo, when fate brought me to Cotton On yesterday. I of all people had to see the corner full of shades that were going for $2!



so YOU tell me. What was I supposed to do?

What was I, the victim of all shopping situations, supposed to do?

i HAD to buy all four pairs. remember, i HAD to.

This is my favourite! It's got olive-coloured rims. And I just love the color. I have similar shades like this but just not in this colour. 

I love this shape! Its just sooo sixties. And the color too.

 The exact same cut. Just that it's in solid black. Love it.

 And this one. Just bought it because it was 2 dollars.

And that my friends, conclude my short yet meaningful shades-shopping trip.

Go and get it too!

And let me know too if there are other fabulous sale like this!

p/s : One day i will post here the rest of my shades!


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