Sunday, October 17, 2010

My 3 Rings

Nope it's not about Lord of the Rings or anything brilliant like that.
I promised since the dark ages to post the 3 rings that I bought last Monday. So here it is the post of the 3 rings that I bought.
I LOVE accessories.
And currently on my wish list, ...sigh. Let's not go there.
Anyway, I love accessories. One day I'll post the necklaces, rings, earrings and yada yada that I have,
that i love, that i havent worn yet.
So this is me in the office last Friday taking photos of the rings and myself.

Of course. I just had to include me.


Can you spot Azlin?!
The pearl necklaces I love from River Island!

Ok. This is the first ring.
It's not the kind of ring I would normally buy.
But it reminds me of Pocahontas.
Besides, It's big. And I LOVE big rings.

The 2nd ring

I like the unique 2 finger ring design. Don't worry, your fingers will not feel like it's stuck together.
Your fingers will still be able to function properly.
I got it cos i thought it was very pretty. And good for my feminine outfits.

The 3rd ring!
This is my favourite. The design is just plain and simple.
I love it.

So what kind of rings do you have in your collection? :)


  1. Hi kak Fiza! I also love buying accessories. And I buy mine mostly frm Diva.Cause apart frm th nice colour variety,they also hv unique designs and its suitable fr teenagers like me.. Anyway,loving your blog (: Just suggesting you to blog abt your pendapat tntang th girls nowadays yg hv a mindset that skinny is beautiful and all this.. you cn check out my post @

  2. Ni cincin ke brass knuckle fiza..hehehe...i tgk bukan suka...seram tumbok negro hip-hop bagus,biar melekat kat gigi dia diamond tu suma..dorang kan suka bling2 teeth..hehehee :D