Sunday, October 10, 2010

Azi's Baby's 1st Birthday Party!

One of my girlfriend's little baby turns one today!
How time flies. I can so remember vividly all of us wearing pink for her wedding and all of a sudden Ryan turns one!
It's the same thing when it comes to my other girlfriends. We watch each other siblings grow and then all a sudden our little sisters who were running in their diapers are in poly now or the little brothers who were paddling around on their plastic cars are in NS. The other day when I went to Su's place for raya and passed duit raya to one of her lil sis, her little sis who's not so little now said, 'Kak Fiza, adik dah kerja.'
What? When? How? She was in primary school or secondary when I last saw her.
Sigh. Boy, do i feel old.
But thank you Allah for letting me live and breathe to this very day.

Anywayyy, me and my girlfriends were thinking what to wear to the safari-themed birthday party today.
I was looking through my wardrobe and saw a ridiculous long leopard print dress which I bought when i was insane. Don't mind wearing it with a cardigan but today in this weather by the pool?
I'll be mad. Not that I'm not already.
I also saw 2 jackets which i bought in Pattaya. A zebra one and a leopard one which I thought will be something that CL 2NE1 will so wear. Never wore it more than once cos it's too hot here.
Thank god I saw an old top with leopard prints that is wearable! Wheee!

So this is me taking my photos on my new iPhone.
Yes. I finally bought my iPhone. Finally.


Can't wait to see my girlfriends later.

Have a great sunday friends. wish Monday didnt have to come so fast.


  1. Hey kak Fiza!!
    I soooo LOVE ur jacket! Lawa sgt2 :D
    U look gorgeous too!
    Love u! <3 <3