Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My FIRST lucky draw win ever.

I had promised to do a separate post on my family trip to JB.

So here was what roughly happened.
We went to have dinner at this place called Banafie. Service was bad and slow.
But anyway, the highlight of the trip was me buying ice cream. Ya i know. Ice cream makes me happy.

We were leaving Giant when we saw a small King's Ice Cream counter.
It was highlarious cos there was a lucky draw promotion board that says something like this:

1st prize : Bicycle ( a kiddie one)
2nd prize : Soccer Ball
3rd Prize : Prada Bag

3rd prize, Prada bag? Shouldn't it be like the first prize? After I saw the Prrrrada bag, I totally got it. 

And of course we were contemplating whether we should buy ice cream back home or not. It's so gonna melt. 
But then, it was such a fantastic discount. Plus the salesgirl was such a sweetheart. She approached us and offered to put it in an ice pack for us.
It was such a genuine service, I gave her a 5 ringgit tip which she strongly refused by pushing it away.
After that she insisted I took part in the lucky draw. I did not want to cos I know I will never win anything, given my record. You know how I always complain my no-win at lucky draws.
The list of my no-wins in lucky draws be in another post. haha. 

So, after much persuasion, I picked a random slip of paper in a box, there it was.
My first ever win at a lucky draw.
3 ais krim potong.
My first win in a lucky draw.
How amazing.

Within that few minutes of talking to her, I just instantly like her. She's just so sincere.
You know how sometimes, a person can just touch your life in a weird way although you just talked for a few minutes?
I don't know how to explain it. But I just took a liking to her.

And I would so recommend her to a single guy friend of mine.
I'm weird and random like that.
I got to find out her name is Ida.
And i know she will never read this post of mine.
But thank you Ida for being one of the most sincere salesgirl I've ever met and for being the person who gave me my first ever win at a lucky draw.

I shall remember you GF.


  1. Your post put a smile on my face.... Nice post Fiza

  2. Thank you Shozer :)
    Your comment made me smile too.
    Have a great week ahead.

  3. i will let her know if i meet her.. ^^
    yeay!! i see ur blog..
    love u fiza..
    wish u have a wonderful life.. wif ur wonderful anuar.. ^^
    muacss.. big hug

  4. annyeonghaseyo kak fiza hw r u here siti nur badiah remember tat kita take pic together