Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Kak Big you're short. But in a good way" - Ziqah

I love my sisters to death. Sometimes, the things they do for me makes me feel so loved and lucky.
It's a complicated relationship.
Because sometimes i want to bite them for the strangest and most cruel remark they make about me. But then, i love them.
So whatever.

What happened was, yesterday during my trip to jb (which I will explain in greater detail what happened there in a different post) while I was buying ice cream, Ziqah my baby sister was looking at me in a strange and intense way. So i asked, "Why are you staring at me?"

Then the following conversation took place :

Ziqah:     Kak Big, you're short. But in a good way.
Me    :     (stunned) Please explain . What do you mean by in a good way?
Ziqah:    (at a loss for words) aaaaahhh...aahhh..errr.. You look nice for someone short.
Me    :     Oh. My. God.
Ziqah:    (trying to salvage situation)No. What i mean is, in a group of short people you'll be the tallest. So THAT's in  a good way.
Me    :     Shut up Ziqah. You're not helping yourself.

So in a nutshell, that's a loving relationship that we have.


  1. ow really???it's OK to be short!cox u still good u u fiza..

  2. LOLs your sister is increadibly cute. Kids, are just like that ;)

  3. Wanda - Thank u gf :) My lil sister is always joking with me like that :)

    Maxima - :)