Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to the real world

10th October 2010 was fun! It was Daniel Ryan's 1st birthday and of course our darling Girlfriend Azi invited all of us babes to be part of the fantastic birthday celebration! The theme was safari and my girlfriends wore khaki, green and i wore leopard preeens. We have all been friends since our TKGS days which is like 10 years back and more. So it's really nice to see some of us having their own families and still being as crazy as ever.

Anyway Azi, you're such a fantastic party organiser!
She even bought for us safari hats for us to totally get into the safari mood.
The ice-cream cake was great, the desserts were awesome and food was goooooooood.
And imagine this, there was a balloon sculptor! We were so excited. More excited than the kids.
And I quickly requested for a tortoise balloon which I quickly got attached to.
It was so fun.

Azi and hubby, Anuar with birthday boy!! Daniel Ryan!! Happy 1st Birthday Daniel!

  Ill chose the parrot!
Azi loved the parrot too!

Hida's purple elephant and an alien 'hat' that she hijacked from Anuar.

Even the aunties were rushing to get theirs :)
And this is me with mine. Everyone, his name is Taib the Tortoise.
Us totally safari-ing!
Me and ill!

Shiks and Mardi!
So Azi if you were wondering where we went missing for a while, this was what we did.
Btw, that's hids and ill in the background.
I am very disturbed by this oily self taken photo.
I decided this photo without my face looked better.
Mardi and Shik playing out a tough scene - one was a lovesick woman and the other who just recuperated. Both had never seen the sea before.
Tough scene.
Another scene - Shiks is still having the same expression.
So next we tried the jumping in mid-air shot.
On your mark, get set..

And Again!

And that's it for the day.

The next day while I was packing for work at 4.30am, I saw my Taib the Tortoise and decided to bring him along with me.

The-ever-smiling Taib and makeup-less me at 5am on Monday.


  1. good job with this blog entry Fiza...i am really getting to like Taib more n more.....saranghae!

  2. Taib the tortoise! Hahahahaha You're hilarious!