Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fabulous Earrings

Over the weekend as I was celebrating my mom's birthday, me and my sis were walking around to find a birthday cake for my mum (she turns 48 by the way! Happy Birthday Mak! I Love you!).
I'll post crazzzy pictures of us later on. Anywaaaaay I digress, as we were walking around, I just had to be distracted by Mango.

And so I entered and saw a fabulous black dress that made me contemplate hard whether or not to get the dress. While contemplating, I ter-walk to the accessories area. (note: the word 'ter')
It was not on purpose of course.

So, I was stuck there. I was just gaping and admiring all the earrings and bracelets and necklaces and everything wonderful. But I had to choose one. I have to exercise self-control.
I have so many earrings already and so I try to choose a pair of earrings that do not resemble anything that I already had.

And anyway, these earrings were the first that I fell in love with. They are just so pretty.

Put them on immediately after I got out of the shop! 

My Fabulous Mango Earrings

Will soon post pictures of sunnies that I got for only 2 dollars!!



  1. i suka earrings tu :-) kat mana u beli?

  2. Thank you Fiesty!
    And Eeta, I'm sorry to only realise your comments now.
    Anyway, I got it from Mango :)