Tuesday, November 15, 2011

MOL and me

In a previous post, I had shared how me and youngest sister love being sarcastic to each other.
I suppose it helps sharpen our wit. It helps us have the ability to laugh at ourselves and love each other more.
I think.
But anyway, this is a conversation that took place minutes ago.

I was asking my sister to help me take a photo off my passport and whatsapp me.

(btw, I call her Mol. as a short form of Kak Small. I'm Kak Big and she is Kak Small. Its a long story and that will take up another post)

Me : Mol, please help me to take a picture of my passport and whatsapp me.And make sure it's a good, clear one.

Mol : Ok.

Photo sent.

Me : Omg. Who's that girl? (referring to me) She's like wooowww.

Mol : Ya Ya.

Me : Eh not so clear lah. Send me again and use a better camera.

Mol : Ok ok I will try.

Me : Thanks babe.

Then I thought. Thanks babe? Eh eh. Who talks like that to their sister?

So I said : Eh babe pulak.
                 Sorry Mol. That happens when you have too many friends.

Mol : Ha Ha.

So my friends, that's why I love my sisters.
They are smart enought to know what's a joke.

lots of love and backache,


  1. Thanks babe! Hahaha.
    Nasib baik Adik sendiri, Cuba kalau thanks darling ke, baby bucuk ke, sayang ke, tersalah hantar. Mungkin terhantar pada makcik, pakcik atau mungkin pada client!! Hahaha. Siapa nak jawab?
    Nice post.

  2. Hahaha..Fiza you are very cute.. Love reading your post.. :)