Thursday, April 28, 2011

Over-doing it?

It's normal to be crossing the street and turning your head when someone attractive walks past you.
Probably it's the chic outfit, the healthy hair, that height, the chiseled jawline, the air surrounding him or her, the way he/she walks or just probably the way they sway and dart their eyes. It's either or, or a combination of everything that I've just said. My girlfriends and I were hanging out really late one night and suddenly one of us mentioned about a girl that was opposite us when we were crossing the road. She was attractive and eating ice cream. Nothing spectacular really.
But what we discussed was how she knows she was attractive and made sure people were looking at her. The way she held the ice cream cone was like how you see the Bond ladies hold their glasses during their cocktail parties. (really, was that even necessary?)
The way she flipped her hair and the glance she gave to people crossing the street. So yes, she did all that within seconds of crossing the road.
The point is, her every move was calculated. Too rehearsed it was bordering on arrogance.
Then the other day, I was with a buddy when a girl that was known for being cocky strutted into the cafeteria, he turned to me to ask who was that.

'Oh it's ******', I answered. 'Why?'
'Oh nothing, it's just that she looks attractive,' he answered.

And I've seen guys with similar swagger, the way they stand with their shoulders squared, the confidence, the way they try drawl and maintain that intense gaze and yada yada. Sure they do look attractive at the first glance. But then it's all too rehearsed.
Basically, trying too hard to exude a certain charisma.
I don't know. You either have charisma or you don't. You can't fake it.
Where do YOU see the line between confidence and just plain over-doing it aka cockiness?

randomly yours,