Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cepat Tepat 2011 FINALS

It's been so long since I last updated my blog. I am shocked.
I thought it was only a few weeks. But it's been more than a month.
The last one was like 27th Feb! Another thing to add to my 'under-achiever' list.

I wanted to talk bout James Franco but then, this pictures and videos are already collecting dust in my SD card. So before, I forget yet again, I MUST do this now.
(Cos, I've someone hawking over me and forcing me to it)

Pretending to be script-reading for the sake of a photo.

Me before makeup by Kak Norehan :)

KC taking photos of the props so that it won't be too obvious that he's taking photos of himself.

 During rehearsal of Cepat Tepat Finals.
Students on set
Cikgu Mohd Naim Daipi, Cikgu Adam Fadila dan Cikgu Ishak Latiff
 Sekolah Rendah McPherson
Sekolah Rendah Punggol
Sekolah Rendah Temasek
Making changes to the script

Abang-Abang crew
My ex-partner-in-crime
Kak Azizah, the executive producer is watching on.
Yes, that's how the contestants look like on tv
 And that's how I look like on TV.
And, that is such a tak perlu punya statement.

 I love this pic. Because I look so blurred and so background.

 Kak Azizah, Abang Jamil, me & Kak Norehan

Me and Mr Producer, Abang Yan.

Ok that was it. I actually have a lot more photos to load from the previous Cepat tepat rounds, but that'll have to wait. And since I have nothing else creative to say at this juncture, i'll just end the post here.


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