Sunday, February 27, 2011

The lipstick colour I've worn for years

I'm going to randomly do a super short entry on my lipcolor.
Over the years, I've gotten a fair bit of requests from friends and listeners and tv viewers who asked what kind of lipstick that I usually have on.
And so, I've decided to answer it all here.
Well I started buying this lipstick since 2003 and have used it for like the longest time ever. I've also recommended it to some friends. I love, love, love it.
And like all MAC lipsticks, it just smell and taste SO good!

Well, it's a nude pink colour from MAC called Satin Spirit.
Below, you can have a rough gauge of how the shade is like.

So there you have it.
But since the past year, I have been experimenting with lots of other brighter colours.
And i'll do another post on it :)
Till then, love you gfs!

fiza o

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