Sunday, February 20, 2011

The men in my life

The men in my life, eh?
It is not as awesome as the title seems to be. What had inspired me to write this post is the fact that I am so overwhelmed by how sexy Rain is.Well, it had all started out with Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys.

Awwww... look at how cute he used to be.Don't know what happened along the way.
picture source : oyunbi

I can't imagine I had actually thought we were made for each other.
He wore a basketball jersey number 26 and my register number in my class then was also 26.
We are 2 years apart and so are my parents.
So yes. That was enough to convince me that there was destiny between us.

Thank god my obsession with him ended with my secondary school life.
Years after that, he was embroiled in a scandal with Paris Hilton and that just added to the yucks factor.
Plus, he look nothing like how he did when he was 17.

Next on my list of infactuation. Anuar Zain.
picture from

Now this one a bit different.
I still like him.
I've liked him for the longest time. Ever since his video clip Bila Resah came out, I thought he was totally the cutest Malay man ever. Like ever.

Plus he's got a smile that's to die for.
How can tahan like that.
I just wish he'll grow his long hair back. I think he's the cutest Malay man with long hair.
And if he happens to read this, please know that I totally love you and come marry me. Lol.

So, can u imagine how exhilarating it was when I finally met him in person?
I can keep on repeating the story 20 thousand times and I won't mind. So if you see me, just ask. Sungguh i'll tell.
Anyhow, here are some pictures that make me smile over and over and over again.

As you can see, I had done some blatant cropping. Erasing others in the picture. I told you before, the world revolves around us both. And I wasn't kidding. And as i'm typing this I'm frantically searching for more photos that I took with him but I can't find it! Gosh! Will update this post once I find more!

Ok next next. Next on my list, there's Kimura Takuya. How can anyone be this insanely good-looking?

<pic taken from a Jap wallpaper website>

If this is not good-looking, you better check your eyesight loh.
Hidung dia original, tak buat ok nyah.
Jah suka sekali. Meletop abang Kimura Takuya ku.

Next, i've got to skip a couple of others or else my entries won't fit.
 I can just keep going on and on.
But the man that's topping that list at the moment is Bi Rain. I just have a weakness for man that can make a simple shirt and pants look, look so hot. And he can totally blow you away with his white shirt and pants.
Look at how he totally rock the look and the stage.

I first fell in love with him when I saw the video clip of September 12 and when he acted in Full House.
Well actually, my mum fell in love with him first.
But anyhowww, what's important is he's got a song that's commemorating my birthday. Ahaks.

I can keep on watching the video over and over again.
Maybe it's his sincerity when he express his song. I can feel his pain.
I just love this video. I just love the heartwrenching melody.
Or maybe because I just love how hot he is in this video.
Or maybe also, it's the same date as my birthday.

That doesnt't change the fact that the sole reason I did this post is to express how much I love his hotness.



  1. Beautiful and nicely written, a good reading on a beautiful sunday dear. Thanks for being so entertaining. Love ya.

  2. Hey kak fiza ur post made me smile when i'm so pissed off rite now!I love ur this post!I understand how u feel bcoz i also love doingh this kind of post hehehe!

  3. fiza!! i wanna know how it's like when u finally meet abang anuar!! ;)
    post about it!! :)

  4. Nisha - Thanks gf! <3

    Shimz - Will do it dear insyaAllah! I'll have to start finding back all of my photos I took of him & with him.

  5. hye fiza ! i see u n mr anuar itu ada mcm sama taste la .... dan ur smile n his smile mcm kembar sebiji seiras ...! good for u babe ! hehe...

  6. Fiza...juz read your blog. Really entertaining. Looking forward to read more of your ramblings, gal :))