Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Never thought I'll really be getting my own walk-in wardrobe!

When I got married late last year, I was fortunate enough to get my own place within a very short time. With all the craziness of my wedding preparation, I was also very much stressed planning for my new home. And amidst all the stress, I remembered that I needed a walk-in wardrobe because I have too much stuff. So can u imagine my delight when my darling friend Hui Xian told me that Besglas will be helping me do up my walk-in wardrobe!

So I went to their fabulous website and facebook and got so so excited to see their designs. Their design is chic, simple, cutting-edge and very durable and corrosion proof. So it's not only style that we are talking about but long-standing durability.

One of the photos that I stalked from the website. Isn't it SO gorgeous! 

Anyway, I met Wendy from Besglas who is so patient and understood what a crazy-clothes-obsessed-girl like me needed. And it all happened very fast. After discussion, their experts came over my place to do measurements and within 2 half days, my walk-in wardrobe is ready! How efficient is that??

So yes if you ask me, Besglas is your best bet if you needed to do a great makeover for your room. Very chic, modern and faaaaaaaast. No hassles, no heartache.

Without further ado, may I present to you my walk-in wardrobe by Besglas!

My first look at my walk-in wardobe.

Which I quickly filled with my dresses, shoes, bags, hats, and shoes, and clothes and more clothes.

A close-up of my walk-in wardrobe.

If you had clicked on the links I gave in my posting above, you would have most likely have had the chance to visit their facebook and official website. But in any case you didnt, you totally have to visit their facebook : and website :

Set up an appointment with them and do wonders to your room :)

Good luck darlings!

Lots of love, clothes and bags,