Monday, September 9, 2013

Sweet Treats! By Ideya Mode

Recently during Hari Raya, we decided to do a little housewarming for relatives and colleagues.

And I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with Aida from Ideya Mode!

It was really a very last minute decision to have a sweet treat/ desserts corner and so I was really impressed at how efficient and promt the team was!

It was not just about mini cupcakes, marshmallows, mars, m&ms and brownies! They came complete with cute decor and even brought along their vintage lamp! ;)

Look at how happy we are!

All thanks to Aida and Nadia from Ideya Mode! They were so sweet and dedicated throughout the entire day. Topping up and making sure the kids (and adults) are happy .

U have to check out more pics from their facebook and instagram. Check out these links!


Also u can email them at : or call them 93200182

And I promise you they are such sweet people to work with!

lots of love, sweets and m&ms,
Fiza O

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