Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Inglot Eyeshadows and Lip Cream Swatches and Review

Last I posted was last September. So it's a good 6 months I slacked. Nothing new for my blog. I have promised to post more often and although we all know I should work harder and put up more posts, I haven't been a good girl in keeping that promise.

Anyway getting to the point. I am FINALLY going to do a post on makeup again after a century.
So recently, my husband brought me out on a date and said, 'Sayang you want to buy makeup? Get whatever you need.' What kind of an offer is that? Of course I immediately entered Inglot before he decided to regain sanity. I quickly took a look at whatever I had not experimented with yet.

I especially love their matte lipsticks and eyeshadows. Because they are so pigmented and last for a long time. So after pondering over the matte lipstick section, I decided not to get another lipstick because I cannot remember what are the 2 lippies I got before. I am scared of buying the same colour. Because I have made that mistake before and it wasn't once.

So i went over to their lip cream section. Which came in little pots. Ok for those who haven't tried Inglot products before, almost all their products (including powder and blusher) do not come in complete packaging. So u have to purchase their magnetic casings which can house from 2 pots to about 10 I think. The circular pots are the older packaging. They're slightly cheaper but it contains lesser product than the new square pots. The magnetic containers have so many shapes. The one that I got for my lip palette looks like this.

I brought a palette that can keep 5 pots of colours. So that in the future I can add other colours to what I already had. Below is a closer look at the colours I got, They are all bright pinks actually. And as we girls know, no 2 bright pinks are the same. So I got 3. They are not matte but very pigmented. I took a picture of the swatches but they all went missing. Pfft. After the swatching, the colour remined for a pretty long time, reaffirming that it is indeed very pigmented and long lasting. Much to my delight.
There are pros and cons to getting Inglot's stuff. The products are good and pigmented but it is pretty troublesome to purchase their casings separately from their naked pots. But if you're traveling, u can always transfer only the colours u need to a smaller magnetic casing.

On top of that, there are no names to each of Inglot's products. Except for numbers. Unlike most brands. For example, u easily remember Nars' blushers by their names like Orgasm, etc. And you easily remember Mac's lipsticks by their names. But Inglot, nah. No names for you to remember the colours. That's why lah I always accidentally buy duplicates.

Moving along. I also love their pigmented eyeshadow. I bought a purple one last year. And as u can see a little goes a long way, my pot is still very full. (And also because I don't use eyeshadow often).
I also love that I don't have to use any eyeshadow base to make the colour pop and stay.

And this is the duo magnetic casing that I got last year. 
Since I have only one colour in it, it means I have space for another. Therefore I got another bronze eyeshadow.

That is how it comes when u purchase it. Naked like that without proper containers. So u need to purchase an extra magnetic palette. And this is how the bronze looks like after swatching. 
I chose it because i am a very lazy eyeshadow user. One colour swipe then go. And to me it's perfect. 

Ok that's all. So, Let me know what are your good makeup and skincare buys too!
Would love to hear them.

Here's hoping that I can blog more often.

Love, hugs and more pink lipsticks,

Fiza O

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