Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Dessert Bar by Sprinkles Singapore

Time passes so fast! It's already more than 3 weeks since my brother got married!

It feels like yesterday that I was the panicky big sister who wanted to make sure everything was alright for him. And again I feel so blessed to be working with the most wonderful people for his wedding.

For his gift trays (dulang hantaran), we got Ola Lola to help us with the pink and cream concept.
Meanwhile for decor and food, we left it to Muslim Delights. 

As for our dessert bar, it was my first time working with Sprinkles Singapore. And the big boss Rashidah is so incredibly efficient, talented and kind. We spoke over the phone over the concept that we wanted which was black and white. And she frankly told me that it was going to be her first dessert bar for a wedding as she usually do dessert corner for smaller occasions or birthday parties. And she also specializes in cakes. If you are thinking of getting a creative colourful birthday cake for your little one, you should contact Sprinkles Singapore : 85022192 /
They are also on instagram : #sprinklessingapore

Anyway Sprinkles Singapore is so quick to come up with a concise menu for the dessert bar and showed me some of her sample ideas. For a short notice, I was so impressed with the menu and how she totally understood what I wanted. She sent me a number of pictures of what some of the desserts that she visualised. I will share with you what was her complete fabulous menu after the pictures. Sprinkles Singapore had customised every single dessert on the table to be black and white.
How impressive!

And now presenting to you the beautiful dessert bar by Sprinkles Singapore :

The wedding guests were full of compliments for the classy beautiful dessert bar . By the end of the wedding, the dessert table was botak. And unfortunately I was too tired to snap a picture of the dessert table which was mostly empty because kids and adults were busily snapping up their cupcakes, rolls, cookies, donuts, etc. And just look at these huge and creamy black and white swiss rolls. 

Sooooo sedap I tell you. Ok now a closer look at the other pretty desserts on the dessert bar and try guessing what is what :)

So have u guessed correctly? Let's see.
This is the special dessert menu provided by Sprinkles Singapore : 

Rose Lychee Cupcake

Lemonade Swissroll
Sweet Meringue Kisses

Banana Sesame Donuts 
Apple Cinnamon Cookies 
Russian Roullete Mango 
Mocha Cheesy Swirls Bun 
Honeydew Swirl Jelly 

Strawberry Lovey Dovey Lollipop
Kiwi White Chocolate Oreos
Tangy Orange Pralines 
Blueberry Cheese tarts 

If you were already drooling halfway reading the menu, you are not alone.
That makes it the both of us.

Aaaaaaaand, this was the special cake made for the Bride and Groom that was also on the dessert bar :

Aaaaaaahhh... so cantik right.
So again, if you are looking for a reliable dessert bar for your wedding or any ocassions of yours, you have to give Sprinkles Singapore a try. I'm gonna list for you where to find their FB, IG and contact below.

Good luck! :)


CONTACT : +65 85022192

Lots of love, hugs and candies,

Fiza O


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