Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Baby/Nursing Rooms

As a new mom, discovering clean and spacious and practical baby rooms never fail to excite me. I remembered when my girlfriend brought me to Marina Square and showed off the baby rooms there, I was so impressed I remembered thinking to myself that wow I must make a point to only go to Marina Square if I need to do any shopping. Yes that was of course a suaku statement. Thankfully, I did discover more shopping centres with wonderful baby rooms and terrible ones too.

Some of the nice ones I've been to :

The nursing room at the basement next to the escalator. It was spacious and clean and even has a cubicle for toddlers/little kids! It's great cos u can bring in your stroller and will not cause the place to be congested. There's also private rooms for u to breastfeed.
It's also got a nice clean sink and equipped with a hot/cold water dispenser.

I come here occasionally with my girlfriend and we go to the baby room on level 3 (I think) that's inside Isetan. The baby room is spacious too with 2 private nursing rooms. And it's got about 3 areas for u to clean your baby. So u don't have to wait in queue to clean up your little one. And let's say you forgot to bring tour wet wipes, you can grab and buy one right outside the baby room.

I'm not sure if they have a baby room at every level. But try to avoid going to the one that's the same level as the kids' playground. Because whenever I'm there, there's usually a queue and if you're cleaning up ur child, you will be pretty pressured by the queue behind you especially because you can be seen clearly through their see-through doors.
And that's another thing that I don't get, the transparent doors. Because if you're a nursing mom, that's really inconvenient.

With that said, the nursing rooms on the lesser popular floors are easily accessed. There are clear signs to get there. And it's equipped with hot water for those who need to make milk for your babies.

City Square Mall

The baby room in City Square Mall is comfortably sized with 2 small cubicles for breastfeeding moms. It's always pretty clean and u can wash up your little baby there comfortably. Besides, if you forget any baby stuff u can always get them easily from Toys R Us or any of the baby shops there.


I have been to Tan Tock Seng and a couple of other hospitals for visiting. And whenever I asked any of the staff or nurses whether there are any nursing rooms, the answer is no.
Luckily there are some nurses who are kind enough to allow me to nurse in an empty room for a short period of time.

Having said all of the above, the point is, if the management of a shopping centre is keen in pulling bigger family crowds to your shopping centre, please do create sufficient baby rooms which are clean and practical for moms to clean our babies and decent coverage for us who are breastfeeding.

Interestingly, I have also discovered many times some people without babies misusing the baby rooms. I don't mind if there are people occasionally dropping to fill up their water bottles or mugs with hot water but I have seen an uncle using the kids' toilet in the baby's room at 313! And he was so nonchalant about it. Also there have been instances some people hogging the nursing area just for them to catch a nap. That's really inconsiderate if there's a mommy who needs to use it to nurse her baby.

P/S : This post will be updated as and when I discover more baby/nursing rooms.

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