Friday, March 30, 2012

I think i might just be an over-achiever. And I'll tell u why.

I think i might just be an over-achiever. And I'll tell u why.

In my third last post I had lamented on my horrible self, how I have been ignoring my blog for 2 months.
And u know what, my last post was in dec 2011.
2011???!!! And now it's gonna be April 2012 any moment. It's more than 3 months that I've not blogged!
Even worse than the previous time.
Like oh my god Fiza.
Why? Why? Why?
I ignored my blog AGAIN. I can go on explaining and reasoning how busy I am with work. Swarmed with numerous things on my checklist. Yada yada. Which is true. But I have been very disappointed in myself. I can't remember when was the last time I visited the gym and ran. I dont even know where I put my running shoes. And ive not blogged about so many things that i wanted to talk about. My lipsticks, my suicide-shoes, awesome jackets, great food, endless. But no. I've not shared All that! And if there's a steady thing in my life, it's my weight.
It's steadily rising. I swear.

Ok ok back to me being an over-achiever. I bet most have have been so turned off by the headline and already calling me a snob. And whatever whatever. Eh chill lah. That's why you have to read the entire blogpost.
Well, I'm an over-achiever because I love to beat my own records. And that includes this. Beating the length of time that I ignored this blog. This is the longest I've not written for my blog. Almost 4 months!
U know what, I think silently I'm perfecting the art of procrastination.
And I am getting better at it.
Like really good at it.
Afterall, i am an over-achiever.

Lots of love and no more chocolates for me,
Fiza O

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