Monday, April 9, 2012

I think I'm ugly?

Some teenage girls have approached me and told me their problems with their self-esteem. Truth is, I grew up with so many insecurities too.
My hair was always frizzy while my classmates had the shiniest, smoothest straight hair effortlessly. Or another girl with curls will have her hair up in a super cute manner. They looked chic while I look like, well I look like I was going to school.
I was always one of the shortest if not the shortest one in my class. I envy those long-legged girls who make the pinafore and running shorts look so good.
I was scrawny and burnt and never pretty. So I'd be lying if I say all those never affected me. It did.

But despite all those, I was happy cos I have awesome girlfriends. I had so many friends during secondary school days I don't know why. There were a couple of times I had to bring home my birthday presents over a span of 3 days because it was difficult bringing all at once when taking the bus home. I had so many friends despite me looking like that. So I deduce maybe because I'm funny, because I laugh a lot, because I don't mind looking funny or maybe because I don't pose a threat to the girls in the looks department. Or maybe i am blessed to have the girls' girl chromosome.

Going back on track. You know what girls, for those of you who love comparing yourself against the incredibly gorgeous girls, don't ever think their lives are perfect. That they are bouncing happily with the lustrous hair, perfect skin and gorgeous face. They have their own insecurities too as I found out later in life. They have their issues too. So I gather, my advice to you is to make the best of what you have.  Look inside you and work it.

Being in the industry for a while now, I realise we might not be the prettiest, the ones with the longest legs, the slimmest, the most gifted, the most whatever whatever, but what we can do for ourselves is to work hard
Well, yes, we have to work harder. A lot more harder. But the success attained with your hard work is sweeter and you'll appreciate it better. It'll help you not to take life for granted. You want it, you work it.

So my girls, u can come out of life challenges and shortcomings unscathed and say, Hey so what if I'm not the prettiest or the one with the hot boyfriend, I work harder and I'll last longer.

Hope i made you feel better.

Lots of love and hugs,
Fiza O


  1. I love how u sometimes talk abt ur time during sec sch. I was frm the sch next to urs(one fence away lol), and all my friends frm ur alma mater had such spirit! Anyw, uplifting post :) -M gemok(not sure if u rmbr me but tts completely ok)

  2. Believe me....boys face the same problems too. Well, I, for one did. Now, I realise that I am not that ugly after all :)

  3. I just remembered that you were always like a ray of sunshine in school. Very cheery, rarely moody and always a good sport about everything. Very dramamama too :D
    So maybe the secret is to always look on the bright side of life - a positive mind brings about positive results!