Saturday, June 22, 2013

Favourite blusher at the moment.

It's been centuries since I last blogged about beauty products. So I decided to do a short post cos I'm just so in love with Revlon's latest must-have cream blusher. It's Revlon Photoready Blusher that I stumbled across while I was shopping for things that I don't need. I saw there were only 2 colours that were available in the store, pink and coral. If it was in true Fiza O's style, I would have grabbed both colours. But because I had other stuff already in my basket, I had to think rationally. So after much deliberation and analysis, I bought the pink one. Yes, this is a serious matter, at least for me.

I decided that I should try this pink cream blusher first and if I love it I must come back for more colours. Ok so here's my review :

I love it. In fact, it's now a staple in my makeup bag. Currently, I don't have to carry an extra blusher brush with me everywhere and it's compact.

The cream blusher is so easily applied that it leaves a natural looking finish on your cheeks and it can be layered again and again to achieve the colour you want. From natural to a deeper pink. And it's not streaky. I love it. 

So here's how it looks like against my skin. It gives a natural looking flush to the skin and doesn't give them powdery look.

For you girls who's gotten it, do you like it as much as I do?

lots of love, mascara and blusher,

Fiza O


  1. How much is it fiza?

    1. Hi! I think it varies at different places. I got it from the airport when i was travelling. Maybe about $14?