Saturday, June 1, 2013

My baby turns Sixteen.

There's so much posts overdue that I am not going to dwell on it. In due time, it will be up. I broke my record yet again and this is the longest break I had since I blogged. I have been absolutely packed. From the time I last blogged, I went through so many life changing events. I had my marriage announcement, busy with my new home, ripped off by a small time renovation company, gotten married, went to Hokkaido, hosted a few TV programmes, busy life on radio, gotten pregnant and went though a miscarriage, and discovered who were the real friends that were there no matter what.

Oh boy that would require so many individual posts.

But anyway, my baby sister turned sixteen. And I cannot believe it. I was fifteen when my mom was pregnant with her and I remembered not liking it. I was fifteen and already having an 11 year old brother and 5 year old twin sisters. So at that time I thought I can't handle another baby sister. But when she came along, she was one of the best things that happened to me. I was so in love with her that I wanted to carry her all the time. I wanted to kiss her all the time. In fact until today, I still do it. I love her so much that I would miss her when I was at school. I would be like a little mom, carrying her while I was at the supermarket and attending to her like she was my little princess. And because she was literally the baby of the house, I remembered how everyone was enthralled by her and all of us wanted to participate when my mom was bathing her and dressing her up.
My brother and my Ziqah when she was about 2.
That was me carrying her at the pool. I was probably 17 then.

My baby sister wearing my favourite yellow and black dress.

I remember holding her small hands and always wanting to buy for her cute little dresses and hairbands with whatever little money I had. Such joy I had when my baby sister looks so cute with them on. She looked cute in every single thing, in her first baju raya, in her towel, in her (my favourite) yellow and black tight tutu dress, in her kindergarten uniform, in everything. And now she's already sixteen and slated to sit for her all-important O levels. I pray for nothing but the best for her. And I just want her to know that I have never stopped adoring her. She will always by my baby no matter how old she gets.

I love you Ziqah and Happy Sweet Sixteenth.

Kak Big.


  1. This post is lovely. Full of warm and poignant. A little sister who is blessed with a big sister that showers with her much love and warmth. Fiza, I am curious about the contractor though.Can you share about them, just in case anyone else being ripped off by them as well?

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