Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm a very lucky girl. And i'll tell you why.

This morning is the 2nd day of raya and I went to work like a makcik siput with 3 bags just because I have to get ready for jalan raya after my radio show.
In all the hassle, I had lost my phone on my way to work.

No wonder I had this heart palpitation all morning.
Do you guys have this thing? This sense of premonition that you cannot explain. In fact while I was walking through radio gate, the palpitation got so strong that I felt like vomiting. I felt giddy and sick.
I told my self that the moment I reached conty, I'm going to call home to check on my mom.

When I reached conty, I felt something and so when I was about to reach my phone and call my mom, BAM!

That was the thing that my heart was trying to tell me. I lost my phone. I rummaged all of my 3 bags. Called my phone and couldnt find it. So many things were going through my mind, if I lost this phone I can't wait for iPhone 5 anymore and gotta get another phone, but wait I have too much contacts in that phone I cant lose it, my parents are going to kill me for being so careless, I am going to kill me for being careless.

So I decided to be mature and act like an adult. I contacted ComfortCab and reported my lost phone. I can't remember the colour of the taxi let alone the plate no.But I gave the other details like a lost and found pro. I gave the destinations, the very last 44 cents of my cab fare, the very minute that I dropped from the cab. And I would have totally included how the passenger (me) sported an ugly senget ponytail so that the cabbie has a clearer description.

The operator was SO good. She gave me a report no. And within minutes she called me back and said she found the taxi driver that probably has my handphone. Alhamdulillah! BUT the thing was he didnt find anything in the backseat. No phone. Nothing.

How can that be? Where else could my phone be? I definitely knew he wasn't lying else he wouldn't have stopped his cab and checked the backseat thrice for me. So I pleaded for the cabbie's no to talk to him personally. And he insisted there was no iPhone in his cab. I thanked Mr Neo profuse and hanged up. My mind was racing thinking of all possibilities. It couldn't be at home cos I had made a call in the cab. Unless I dropped it on the pavement. Nah. Cannot be. Oh my god. Did i??

So I ran in my full baju kurung gear. Yes, that was running by my standard. Ran all the way out to radio gate. And out there on the road, I saw nothing and my heart sank. But I refused to give up. I waled along the kerb and saw a black thing glistening in the sunlight. And there it was my iPhone in its full glory.

I am so lucky. This was not the first time I lost my phone and got it back.

I am such a lucky girl.

So right now that I have completed this post, I am going to sujud syukur and email to ComfortCab to thank Mr Neo.

lots of love and for-god's-sake-stop-being-careless,


  1. Lady luck is always on ur side ah...lesson to learn dont be careless ya..

  2. Laen kali gantung kat leher je hp 2..

  3. U remind me of my gold bangles that I drop at an indian provision shop few yrs ago...Only found out after waking up from afernoon nap....alrdy 3 hrs hv past and wanted to give it up..but something telling me that its is still moment I was running back to the shop and looking around whr I hv walk inside the surprise.. I found it...right below the cashier cabinet..the funny was the common plc for customer because they nd to pay their purchase and no one saw that...I found my gold bangles...Alhamdullilah...I believe if its yours..its yours...

    1. Alhamdulillah you found it! So blessed! :)

  4. Betul tu Fiza O.Gantung kat tangan tak boleh lupa.